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Hey all…Justin Gardner here.

Since we launched on July 13th, Donklephant has had over 93,000 visits and 257,000 page views. I’m sure I speak for everybody on Donklephant when I sincerely thank you all of you for your attention, loyalty and thoughts. This site is about raising the discourse above the partisan bickering, and it’s succeeding because of YOU.

However, we haven’t seen much revenue from those numbers yet. That’s not a complaint at all. It’s just a fact. I’m positive the revenues will grow as our audience continues to grow, but I thought I could help it along by personally asking for your support. Of course, I feel kind of weird doing this, but if we’re going to maintain the level of posting and quality, our writers need to see some returns for their efforts.

Previously, our sponsors have come through BlogAds. Two of them in fact. The first being a site selling “Don’t Vote For Pedro” t-shirts and the second was bought by Joe Gandelman for his fantastic centrist blog, The Moderate Voice. To those two sponsors, your support is much appreciated.

As you can see, we now we have a new, non-BlogAds sponsor, They’ve got a bunch of REALLY funny t-shirts, INCREDIBLE graphics and OUTSTANDING shirt quality.

So please, click through and buy something that makes you laugh. Remember, a portion of every purchase will go to support the hard working writers here at Donklephant.

Thanks everybody!

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