Virginia Tech Is Columbine 2.0

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Breaking News, Guns and Ammo

Tragic news coming out of Virginia Tech.

From the AP:

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) – A gunman opened fire in a dorm and classroom at Virginia Tech on Monday, killing 21 people and wounding another 21 before he was killed, police said.

On the Web site, Tech reported the shootings at opposite sides of the 2,600-acre campus at West Ambler Johnston, a co-ed residence hall that houses 895 people, and said there were “multiple victims” at Norris Hall, an engineering building.

All entrances to the campus were closed and classes canceled through Tuesday.

Awful. Just awful.

The statement of Virginia Tech’s President can be found here, and ABC News has eyewitnesses.

And here’s some video…

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4 Responses to “Virginia Tech Is Columbine 2.0”

  1. Daniel DiRito Says:

    A Symptom of our “Chain Letter Society”?

    Read an analysis of the influences in our “Chain Letter Society” that may be precipitating events like the tragedy at Virginia Tech and how our focus on winning and being number one may be fostering a generation of children with fully inadequate coping skills who have a misguided sense of self-worth…here:

  2. DosPeros Says:

    Interesting article, Daniel, and entirely true whether it applies to this killer or not. If early reports that the gunman is a Chinese national here on a student visa are correct, then it kind of hurts your hypothesis.

    I’m one of those Simpletons that believe in Satan and evil as real terrestrial forces — hocus pokus superstition to the Moderns, I suppose, alas, it seems the clear explanation. Much psychological ado on motivation, while interesting, misses the point in my opinion.

    A man is defined by his actions and this evil fuck executed 33 innocent people…to attribute it to narcissism a la mal-prioritizing type A soccer mums is…well, putting this guy on the couch is hardly worth it. He’s in hell now where he belongs.

    I hope the victims and their families get as much attention as the killer.

  3. Tony Lambiris Says:

    I haven’t been watching the news since this event, but I’d imagine that they will actually have to do some *GASP* real reporting on this one, since the person involved isn’t some angsty teenager with a black coat and painted finger nails. Hmmm, I guess heavy music DOESN’T make people kill people after all, and that there are probably deeper psychological issues at play here!

    But what do I know, I’m not the one on the TeeVee every night looking purdy like all them school-learned news reporters.

  4. Virginia Tech student Says:

    Yeah we’re all really shocked by the recent shootings at Virginia Tech. We don’t know if the immediate response by the administration was sufficient to contain the threat, and it’s unclear what exactly motivated the killer. Now all we can do is mourn for the victims…

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