Spitzer’s Plamegate

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Bad Decisions, General Politics, News

A man I like a lot — Democratic New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer — is in the middle of his own version of Plamegate, complete with accusations that he sought to discredit a political rival by misusing government resources, and Spitzer’s vow to claim a state version of executive privilege in the burgeoning confrontation with Republican state senators.

A scathing report issued on Monday by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo concluded that the governor’s staff had broken no laws but had misused the State Police to gather information about Joseph L. Bruno, the Senate majority leader, in an effort to plant a negative story about him.

Basically the governor’s staff had Bruno’s state police escorts document Bruno’s whereabouts when they accompanied him on “official” trips, apparently hoping to show that he was engaging in personal travel or junkets on the taxpayer’s dime. The report specifically cleared Bruno (right) of that charge, saying each of his trips had at least some legitimate legislative business attached to it.

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One Response to “Spitzer’s Plamegate”

  1. my kol Says:

    Too Bad About the Spitzer Thing. Maybe he can blameshift his way out of it like Clinton did to Ken Starr and the Republican Congress and nail his opposition.

    I don’t know about Destructive Narcissistic Personality Disorders, but if I did this would be a good call. I wish I was that rich.

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