Tom DeLay On Why He Supports Israel

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I don’t usually link to content from the Huffington Post, but you have to see this piece about the Christians United For Israel conference. These people want Armageddon, as DeLay plainly states in this video, and Israel is the lynchpin. So their support for Israel is pretty much solely predicated on the fact that Israel wil be destroyed so that Jesus can come back.

Talk about a match made in…well, just watch…

After watching this again, I simply can’t believe my ears when I hear that older gentleman say that the anti-Christ is going to be somebody who brokers a peace treaty between Israel and the Arab nations. Wow. Peace is a sign of the devil now?


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3 Responses to “Tom DeLay On Why He Supports Israel”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I don’t support Iran’s radical religious theocracy any more than I support Israel’s radical religious elements. Israel, like other countries and other religions has radicalistic elements within it. It would be interesting to know exactly how far these radical ideas reach into the upper echelons of the Israeli government and political thought. Is this just Israel’s version of skinhead neo-nazi punks spouting hate messages or does this type of thinking have real traction and thus influence within the government of Israel? I hope not.

    It’s interesting to note that in the United States there is an enormous pro Israeli lobby. The fact that Israel has it’s own lobby is not terribly concerning but it is concerning however, that their lobby works with some very questionable entities. Most notably Marion Gordon Robertson, or just Pat Robertson, the televangelist and evangelical superpower of north America. Anyone that has watched his Christian Broadcasting Network show the 700 Club knows fully well his adoration and of Israel and pro-war stance concerning anything Iran.

    It’s interesting to note that Bush has filled several high level administration positions with graduates from the pseudo university Regent University. The university is founded by Pat Robertson and has a very clear religious and theocratic charter. This of course wouldn’t mean much except for the fact that graduates from this university are filling positions within our government and not just any positions but positions within the attorney generals office and other very sensitive areas of our government which are susceptible if compromised by biased religiosity which threatens to undermine the rule of law with the rule of God instead. Scary stuff. Not least because it is fact these these positions are and were filled by such religiously brainwashed individuals. Individuals that lack the necessary skills to run these positions but are full of religious schooling. Though well intentioned they may be, it still does not protect American civil law or foreign policy from influence from outside countries that wish to use America and its influence to engage in Israel protectionism, even if that protectionism flies in the face of overall world peace or America’s best interests.

    Radical Evangelicalism in America is used by the neo-conservative base of the Republican party to garner votes for the Republican party, unfortunately with those votes comes the influence of the powerful Israeli lobby and its demands on America and its influence on our foreign policy decisions. Decisions I might add that have gotten the U.S. where it is today, which is the “road map to nowhere.”

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