Huckabee Gets Iowa Straw Poll Bounce

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in News

Or could it be his message that’s resonating with social conservatives?

Maybe a little bit of both?

On the GOP side, Mitt Romney leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, while Rudy Giuliani is ahead in South Carolina. However, this biggest news is that Mike Huckabee got a bounce from his second place finish in the recent Ames Straw Poll. Huckabee is now at 17% in Iowa, 12% in New Hampshire, and 11% in South Carolina.

That’s quite a bounce. And there is NO other candidate as likeable and seemingly genuine as Huckabee. Not in the GOP and not on the Dem side.

Unless he has some serious misstep, he’ll be one to watch come early next year.

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One Response to “Huckabee Gets Iowa Straw Poll Bounce”

  1. Princeliberty Says:

    First off you selectively quoting the most favorable results you can for Huckabee and trust me the bounce will not last. He has no money, no organization. Only some favorable reviews for a media who like conservative who raise taxes, spend like wild, are pro-illegal immigration etc…

    Huckabee is anything but genuine he is a snake oil salesman phoney.
    Likeable? The media tries to say that but he is all about himself and has a massive ego.

    There is likeable, humble, geuine candidate and that in Ron Paul.

    Naturally the media hate because he opposes their collectivist state agenda. While Huckabee cheerfully goes along with it.

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