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[Re-published from This liveblog on Donklephant will be updated periodically. For the latest please visit the active liveblog at] Tonight is the CNN/Los Angeles/Politico Republican Debate at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. It will begin at 8pm est and will air on CNN and will stream live at both CNN […]

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Michael van der Galien Still Dodging Questions

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A snarky response to an earnest question: I’m not sure whether I should feel flattered or annoyed with all the attention Justin Gardner of Donklephant has given me recently. Donklephant turning into Michael Van Der Galiën Watch? It’s great that Justin has moved from Ron Paul to Barack Obama – good decision – but it’s […]

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Why Did Rudy Fail?

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Paraphrasing KSuv, “It’s the media stupid!” From Independent Liberal: In snubbing Iowa and New Hampshire, you must realize that you aren’t simply ignoring voters in those early states. You’re snubbing the national press, which needs to feed off of these early momentum-builders to write their narratives and create their stories. If you don’t compete there, […]

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Universal Health Care Fails In California

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Why? Because the Democratic legislature thought it cost way too much. Interesting twist, no? The question I have is if California can’t pass it, will this spell doom for a national healthcare initiative? From WSJ: The idea was that Mr. Schwarzenegger would set a national precedent, leading to a groundswell for reform in Washington. Not […]

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Why Doesn’t Michael van der Galien Support Obama?

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If you’ve been following my discussion with Michael about Obama and Hillary, then you’re all caught up. If not, you can click here and here. Initially we were talking about identity politics, but the discussion quickly moved onto the experience issue and what being “moderate” means. Basically, I’ve been taking Michael to task for railing […]

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The Obama Backlash

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There are some highly critical Obama posts at Stubborn Facts (here and here). One at Centerfield here and a whole host at PoliGazette (a concise one here). The general theme? Obama is a fraud, nothing more than a generic liberal with rhetorical chops. He won’t actually unify anybody. He has no way to pay for […]

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More On Clinton’s Non-Win In Florida

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Dana Milbank shares the collective sentiment… […] in a political stunt worthy of the late Evel Knievel, the Clinton campaign decided to put on an ersatz victory party that, it hoped, would erase memories of Obama’s actual victory Saturday night in South Carolina’s Democratic primary. “Thank you, Florida Democrats!” Clinton shouted to the cheering throng. […]

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John Edwards Quitting Race Today

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Frankly, I’m a bit shocked. I thought for sure he’d stick around to try and be kingmaker, but stranger things have happened and since John didn’t come in 2nd in South Carolina, one can only imagine how demoralized his campaign has become. From AP: DENVER (AP) – Democrat John Edwards is exiting the presidential race […]

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Hillary Keeps Losing Florida Strategy

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She won tonight, and her team is pushing for her delegates to be seated. From Mark Penn: Most of the voters in Florida fully expect that their votes will not be wasted again — they expect to have a voice at the convention, and Hillary has asked her delegates to support their being seated. What […]

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McCain Wins Florida

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He has opened up a bigger lead, 36% to Romney’s 31%. The networks have called it. And this is good news for McCain because maybe he can’t claim a resounding victory, but whenever you defeat your opponent by 5% it’s certainly not a tie. From AP: Returns from 64 percent of the state’s precincts showed […]

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