McCain’s Iran/al Qaeda Gaffes, Petraeus’ Correction

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Iran, Iraq, Military, The War On Terrorism, Video, War

I don’t want to get too far down the rabbit hole on McCain’s slip ups, but I do think that if Hillary or Obama said similar things, well, there’d be no end to that video loop.

If you’re not aware of the gaffes, McCain mentioned a couple times that Iran was training al Qaeda operatives and then sending them back into Iraq. This isn’t supported by what we know, so I’ll let General David Petraeus correct McCain’s assertions.

Most alarming part of that clip? The fact that the CNN reporters picked up McCain’s gaffe as fact even after McCain corrected himself.

Moving on…

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2 Responses to “McCain’s Iran/al Qaeda Gaffes, Petraeus’ Correction”

  1. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    I think we can just assume McCain mispoke and said “al qaeda” when he meant “shiite militia.” He did correct himself. Still, if he’s going to run on his ability to handle Iraq better than the Democratic candidate, he can’t be making these kinds of slips. Obama already jumped all over it.

  2. cfountain72 Says:

    NO, it’s not a slip. McCain has already made several misstatements about the Iraqi War, most obviously, the fact that he was in favor of the war to begin with. The Sunni/Shia split, whose ‘side’ Iran is on, the impact of the ‘surge’; these are fundamental facets of the Iraq War and contribute greatly to the disaster we are experiencing. Notice that McCain’s errors always lean toward conflict, not away from it.

    His much vaunted foreign policy expertise is a sham, and anyone who does an hour’s worth of research would realize it.

    Peace be with you.

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