95% Indiana: Hillary Leads By 16,609

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Hillary, Indiana

Clinton – 606,497 – 50.69%
Obama – 589,888 – 49.31%

Folks, she’s only ahead by 1.38%

Total Vote- 1,196,385

More soon…

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8 Responses to “95% Indiana: Hillary Leads By 16,609”

  1. bubbles Says:

    Yeah it’s over for Mrs. Clinton.

    The superdelegates won’t even think about siding with her now.

    I predict she’ll either drop out or stop campaigning in the next week or two.

  2. TheMiddle Says:

    Justin – most polls had Hillary ahead by a few points in Indians, and the NC race down to single digits… I’m always hearing about how late-deciders go for Hillary but we haven’t gotten any of those numbers today. Any info on that? Did he just do a very good job of, “getting his vote out,” or could this have been people turning against Hillary at the last minute for the first time that I can remember?

  3. Lit3Bolt Says:

    Obama has 46,700 votes, Clinton 25100. That’s about 72000 total votes, with 56% of districts reporting, the total should reach somewhere around 128000 supposedly. If he maintains 65% of the vote to her 35%, then he should pick up about 84000 votes there compared to her 44000. So, he theoretically could “win.” More likely he’ll pull within 10k or so, but we’ll see.

  4. TheMiddle Says:

    I actually would expect her to win most of it back in the southern part of the county and we’ll all have sat watching TV to see the race stay pretty much with 10K of where it was 2 hours ago.

    She was making a power play for the Veep, hoping that Barack would give in and give her the spot to get her to back out. It failed. Thats how politics work – its all about who does what for who and how you can leverage your position.

    He still might give it to try and create a “dream ticket,” but I like that he isn’t giving in to her demands.

  5. TheMiddle Says:

    Mayor of Hammond says “there is a high chance of improprieties.”


    “No hanky panky is going on here” – from the Mayor of Gary.

  6. TheMiddle Says:

    The Mayor of Hammond (Clinton supporter) is crushing the Mayor of Gary (Obama supporter) for his inability to get the vote total in.

    Good for him. This is bogus. I’m a big Barack backer, no doubt about that, but I’m a bigger America supporter, and this reeks. Which is what I’ve said, pretty much from the moment all of this got started.

  7. Lit3Bolt Says:

    Yeah, she wins, but this is a virtual tie and perhaps the death knell. We’ll see.

  8. TheMiddle Says:

    The death knell wont come until the money stops flowing in. As long as she can afford to compete – she will. She invested HUGE political capital in this race and she desperately needs to get some major payoff from it or risk losing a lot of clout in the Senate. So she’ll stay in, and likely only hurt herself more. But hey, it makes for good comedy every time her people put out their, “new weekly path to victory.” As I stated in a previous thread, its only a matter of time until they point out that Barack could die, and thats a good reason to stay in.

    But Hillary’s supporters are dying off every day anyways. Barack won voters under 65 by a 53-47 margin in Indiana – she won 69% of those over 65.

    Good thing this didn’t go any longer, too many may have DIED OFF for her to win.

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