Pedro the Plumber

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joe the plumber political cartoon

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8 Responses to “Pedro the Plumber”

  1. kranky kritter Says:

    I don’t get this. McCain is not a big-anti illegal/undocumented-immigrant guy. Fact is, you see much of anti-immigrant sentiment coming from blue collar workers worried about their jobs, the vast majority of who will still back Obama.

    That makes your cartoon, well, a silly lie.

    And if Obama has said good things about making things easier for illegal/undocumented immigrants, then I’ve missed the part where he pounded his fist and stood up for it in a showy forthright way in front of large national audiences.

    So if you’re an undocumented immigrant who is here in America illegally, you should be wondering why, if Obama supports you, he’s not making it a priority to stand up for you.

    Clearly this group is no sort of current priority for either candidate. So pointing the finger exclusively at John McCain is just moronic.

  2. gerryf Says:

    Why do you assume this is only about undocumented workers? It looks to me like the point of the cartoon is that minorities are being left out of the loop by McCain.

  3. M Says:

    What about “Tito the Builder” on? Neil Cavuto

  4. mike mcEachran Says:

    The point of the cartoon is to lampoon the bafooning way McCain has to pander to his base’s (somwhat at least) racist tendencies. This is the same base that wanted McCain’s neck for proposing fair and sane immigration laws. Now he panders to them with exclusively Anglo-Saxon names, and lets’ his surrogates talk about “pro-America” and “Anti-America”. We all know in which category they put brown skin, and it aint “pro”.

  5. kranky kritter Says:

    Because I’ve already seen “Tito the builder” interviewed on television on behalf of McCain twice during the last 3 days. Very stupid stuff. So quite obviously this very silly parade of characters has been carefully constructed in part to avoid silly politically correct accusations such as the one shown in the cartoon.

    But if you want to argue that “pedro the landscaper” is not a stereotype of an illegal worker, be my guest.

    However, I’ll cheerfully agree with you that if you really want to avoid being called on the carpet by politicially correct knuckleheads when crafting fictitious characters, then you need to use
    •at least 1/3 peculiar ethnic names like Celu,
    • at least one name that ends with the suffix -isha,
    •one that is obviously recognizable as asian,
    •and a couplel salt of the earth names that can function as ethnic code like Leroy and Maria.

    You can’t make this stuff up. It parodies itself.

  6. blackoutyears Says:

    I’ve been ruminating on McCain’s immigration catch-22 for almost his entire campaign. What should have been an excellent path for him with Latino voters, his amnesty stance, has been an unmentionable due to concerns that it was costing him with *the base* during the primaries. Now his numbers among Latinos are staggeringly bad as they’re reportedly lumping him in with a GOP they consider hostile and bigoted. That said, he has given us Tito the Builder.

  7. thekansascitian Says:

    That’s rich. There is no bigger supporter of illegal immigration than John McCain. It nearly killed his candidacy during the primaries.

  8. gerryf Says:

    Oh, I won’t argue that “pedro the landscaper” is not an illegal worker–could be, but it is not absolutely certain–but you turned one character into a illegal immigrant rant and that makes you look pretty silly.

    You still trying to justify it doesn’t make you look any better

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