The Stimulus Plan Illustrated

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money, Stimulus

What I think is most telling from the following graph is that the tax cuts make up some of the largest pieces of the plan. In fact, the payroll tax holiday is almost bigger than all the spending for infrastructure combined.

I hope you can read these, but if you can’t you can always visit the original.

I’m more convinced than ever that the money is going towards the appropriate programs and that the claims of no pork being in here are accurate.

But hey, have at it…

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11 Responses to “The Stimulus Plan Illustrated”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Depends on who is defining “pork” and how they define it, but I agree with you. It’s a lean cut of beef.

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  3. Aaron Says:

    I’m in general agreement with Ryan on this. There are a few things that could possibly be trimmed out, but for the most part this appears to have the right money going to the right places.

    I have heard a completely unsubstantiated rumor from a close medical professional that there are clauses in this bill that change how the definition of “necessary care” is assigned from doctors to a government panel. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this, and if any other interesting clauses have been attached?

    Regardless, I still agree this should go through.

  4. Best MLM Company Says:

    Nice way to interpret the data, now i get it better!

  5. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    If its not productive, its not stimulus. If you want expansion of medicare, or pell grants for communications majors like Julio, or paying one guy to dig a hole while the other fills it up, fine. But its not stimulus. Notice there is no national defense spending. I thought making all those planes and tanks got out out of the great depression? Well, partly, but thats because we sold machinery and military equipment to the british and the soviets.

    So are all of these projects going to help us pay off our foreign creditors who loaned us all of this money by increasing our future exports to them? We’ll see. The prospects of our future economy will directly reflect on the confidence of our Treasury-bond holders.

    If you broke down any federal budget of the past 20 years, and broadly classified things as “Education Programs” and “Community Development” would it really look any different than this, other than it being less money?

  6. Mathew Ballard Says:

    I agree with you, I have seen anything in there that I haven’t thought was good and would help the economy. Sure, it may not fix things over night, but unless someone uses magic there won’t be any overnight fixes that people want.

  7. Hal Says:

    Those are interesting graphs that help make the data more explainable. Though given the size of the package it boggles my mind that anyone has been able to go through it all and categorize and total up everything in this brief amount of time.

    But that’s fine and I truly do hope it work but I’ve got this nagging question as far as the spending.

    What happens to the new jobs and the saved jobs once they’re all paid out?

    If the local governments can’t afford to keep people employed now without FED money what happens when after a year of employment there’s no more money?

    And most infrastructure jobs do not come under the bid price and typically last longer then bid. At least that’s been my experience here in Florida.

    The markets didn’t really look all that great today with the sub 8,000 dow close, so I’m guessing that Wall Street remains skeptical of DC.

    Only thing that seems to be doing well is the precious metals I watch with ExactPrice

    Gold jumped almost to $950 and ounce! Silver came within sight of $14 and platinum is surprise me in spite of all the bad auto news.

    Just tells me that investors are trying to hedge against the dollar.

  8. dl Says:

    can someone with all this bologne back and forth please ackowledge…whether you give credit to FDR’s plans during the depression or not… There is no daylight outside the argument that his massive spending on the arts (everyone shreak now) lead to the focus and infrastructure for that American industry to become our SECOND LARGEST EXPORT…and the MONEY that came with it.

    Now would you all have called that wasted and/or non stimulative (blah blah blah) these arguments are stupid…because we live on some things that FDR really did take flak for giving. whether you think his spending then got us out of it or not… the most panned of his stimulative initiatives at the time …again now accounts for giving the structure and focus and growth to be our second biggest economic influx of economy from the world.

    so please please please… at least admit…you don’t know what will get us out of this.

  9. Peter Skomoroch Says:

    interactive chart with voting here: Stimulus Bill Explorer – Visualize and Vote on Individual Pieces of the Stimulus Bill

  10. Chris Says:

    You’re looking more donk than elephant here my friend. There are certainly worthy and worthwhile programs in this, but by definition it is an economic recovery package — stuff like creating a federal health records information database and providing the Milwaukee County Schools with $88 million when they already have 15-odd empty buildings and declining enrollment *is* by definition pork spending.

    Some kind of bill needed to be passed – and us centrists and pragmatists can agree on that. But it’s not perfect and saying it is comes off as seeming like a complete total apology for the president or the Democratic party. Even several democratic lawmakers would will tell you this thing ain’t perfect.

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