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The GOP is on a dangerous path

By Joey R Weedon | Related entries in News

As this is my first post here at Donklephant, I should start with a brief introduction. I’m an ‘Illinois Republican’ who has spent the last decade living and working on the fringes of politics in Washington, DC. I previously wrote at ‘The Yellow Line’ with Alan Stewart Carl and am excited to re-join him and […]

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npr link to music torture… Tweet

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Hannity Tells Waterboarded Shock Jock It’s Still Not Torture

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Partisan Hacks, Torture, Video

If Hannity can’t admit that something is torture after having a friend undergo the technique and claim emphatically that it is, what else to say except it’s high time he makes good on his promise and goes through the process himself. By the way, most of you know I don’t make it a habit to […]

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Far Right Already Giving Up On Blocking Sotomayor

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Republicans

Hugh Hewitt is as right wing as they come and he’s basically raising the white flag. From Town Hall: Some on the right will want to use the occasion of President Obama’s first nomination to raise money through direct mail appeals, even though there is literally almost no way to stop Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation. Activists […]

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Will Sotomayor Get Confirmed? Yes.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Supreme Court

Does anybody think Sonia Sotomayor isn’t going to get confirmed? Well, if you do, here are some reasons why you may want to rethink. First, the rollout went off without a hitch. Even moderate Republicans lavished praise on her credentials, which are impressive and exactly what you’re looking for from a SCOTUS nominee. And there […]

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Chris Matthews Vs. Roland Burris Deathmatch

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Burris went on Hardball tonight and Matthews took him to task for the latest revelation that he talked to Blago’s brother about raising money for the then Governor. It’s must see stuff… So sounds bad, right? But nothing will come of it. Here’s why… Technically, Burris never did raise any money for Blago, and talking […]

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California Budget Eliminates Welfare, Closes State Parks

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California

California voters had their say and now Schwarzenegger is doing what needs to be done. From Mercury News: In a state that long has prided itself on its social safety net, it could well go down in history as the most drastic reduction in social programs ever. And billions in further cuts will be unveiled […]

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Former Former Bush Solicitor General Wants To Overturn Prop 8

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, Sexuality, Supreme Court

This was a bit of a surprise when I heard about it, but apparently Ted Olson has joined forces with the Equal Rights Foundation and they’ve just sent out a press release about yesterday’s decision. Here are some key excerpts (.pdf) … “Yesterday, the California Supreme Court said that the California Constitution compels the State […]

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Sotomayor and the Role of Personal Experience

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Supreme Court

Trying to understand what kind of justice a Supreme Court nominee will be is a bit like solving a puzzle. You have to decide which pieces (which legal decisions, which law review articles, which public speeches) are the most important to the picture and which are merely outliers. In the case of Sonia Sotomayor, a […]

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RNC Talking Points On Sotomayor Nomination

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First, the less reactionary ones… President Obama’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court is an important decision that will have an impact on the United States long after his administration. Republicans are committed to a fair confirmation process and will reserve judgment until more is known about Judge Sotomayor’s legal views, judicial […]

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