Dead Celebrities torment Saint Peter

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8 Responses to “Dead Celebrities torment Saint Peter”

  1. kranky kritter Says:

    I think you’re about 1 for 3. We know the Angel made it. Mulligan for the playboy pictorial.

    But the self-mutiliating pedophile? Kinda doubt it. And as we know, there ARE no salesmen in heaven.

  2. Tully Says:

    KK — But what about Ed?

  3. kranky kritter Says:

    Well, If he had died first, I think Ed would have made Heaven just to announce Johnny Carson’s arrival.

    But Ed’s later career as a salesman exploiting senior citizens doomed him.

  4. Alistair Says:

    KK-excusing me but Michael was a quitted of all chargers?

  5. donar Says:

    it’s a pity that Farrah had to be lumped in with these bozo’s, she had a tough battle. Ed’s life ran it’s course to a natural end. MJ died years ago as far as I’m concerned. And Billy, well, he died in his sleep. I figured he had to have a heart attack with all his spastic pitches. As to where they all ended up? Who knows? I just hope Michael has his original face.

  6. kranky kritter Says:

    Yup, and how many out-of-court settlements were there? Maybe you are right Alistair, maybe sometimes where there is smoke there isn’t fire.

    Jackson, at the very least, by his own admission believes that there is nothing wrong with an adult sleeping in the same bed as a child who isn’t his own. Which makes him at least creepy. Obviously the fishbowl he lived in as a child made him maladjusted and stuck with a permanent case of arrested development.

    But I am happy to acknowledge that in the eyes of the law he isn’t a pedophile and that maybe Jackson wasn’t in fact a pedophile, at least not in the sexual sense. Maybe he just had a fairly serious mental illness due to his messed up childhood which manifested as no worse that an abnormal and unhealthy obsession with children, coupled with an aversion to healthy adult interaction.

  7. Agnostick Says:

    … and of course, the parents who knowingly and willingly left their kids at “Neverland,” unattended, with a celebrity (“OF course it’s safe! He’s famous!”), to spend the night… those parents…

    Those parents get a free pass.


    Of course.

    [email protected]

  8. donar Says:

    Jackson paid some kid 30 million to shut his trap.

    I also think it was creepy for parents to bait Jackson with their kids.

    I loved Jackson’s early years, but couldn’t stand to see his freakish ways in the latter. Perhaps it was in part due to his father, and now he stands to reap the most from this death.

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