Leading the Charge

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General Tony Zinna was on The Leonard Lopate Show Tuesday promoting his new book Leading the Charge.

Now, there’s a haircut you can set your watch to. The man is thoughtful and well-spoken. He says what he means and means what he says – Orwell would be proud. Listening to him was a pleasure.

Particularly poignant were the last four minutes of the interview when he speaks of the lack of long-term thinking and information overload.

His advice to future leaders:

  1. be super competent, never stop learning
  2. take care of your people and the people you serve
  3. have a personal code based on a value and ethical system you can be proud of

That’s good advice, sans proselytizing.

We are doomed without personal morality and our consumerist techno-culture doesn’t exactly stress responsibility and mindfulness. The best a person or organization can do is seek knowledge, pay attention to (and take care of) others, and be honest with oneself.

When asked if the new generation has a personal code Zinni replies that it’s hard because the institutions that used to provide such a foundation (family, faith, and schools were his examples) aren’t.

It is hard, but I think our morality is evolving with everything else. We’re scraping off the facade of institutions and reclaiming the values upon which they were built. We’ll find our way.

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