Poll: Bush Still To Blame For Economic Woes

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Fox News Economic Poll

As I’ve said numerous times before, voters aren’t stupid. They know who piloted our economic collapse last year and it’s going to be extremely hard for Republicans to convince them otherwise.

Still, it is kind of telling that Republicans blame Obama more for the economy than Bush, even though it’s by a very small 6 point margin. I mean, come on folks…we’re 10 months in and you REALLY believe that Obama is the reason why we’re still only treading water?

Also note how the number of Republicans is skewing the total to be 7 points more than what Independents think. Because that number is really what you should be looking at since they’ll determine whether or not Republicans make serious gains in 2010. And since the economy is bound to be the #1 issue at that time, this doesn’t bode well for the GOP.

Still, I predict that if the economy doesn’t get better by this time next year Obama and Bush will be even. At least among Indies. Because at that point it’ll be about 20 months in and, fair or not, Obama will own it.

But what do you think? When will Obama own the economy in swing voters’ minds?

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4 Responses to “Poll: Bush Still To Blame For Economic Woes”

  1. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    Voters understand that the major reason for the Republican’s & Bush’s failure on the economy was their profligate spending and leading this country down the path of perpetual debt. After all, it was the major theme of the Democrats during the 2004 & 2006 election campaigns in regard to the economy.

    Now we have Obama, who like President Bush, has his own set of stimulus packages and government spending and financial regulations to try to end the recession he inherited. Except this time, the amount of debt that has been piled on is much worse than what Bush did.

    If you disaprove of Bush on the economy, then it is completely logical to disaprove of Obama as well because he is merely throwing fuel onto the fire.

    Republicans would do themselves a favor by throwing Bush under the bus where he deserves to be, and promise to get back to truly implementing smaller government – and actually do it this time if they win in 2010.

  2. kranky kritter Says:

    Likely by 2010.If not, then by 2012 at the latest.

    And Jimmy’s right that Obama has apparently not any adjustments to the sorts of fed policies that led us here…gross overspending and easy credit are the biggies.

    Folks can blame a lack of regulation all they want, and they aren’t wrong per se. Regulating the mortgage market would have been a great idea, if only anyone on EITHER side of the aisle had any interest whatsoever in doing so. But it was too-easy credit for too long that fostered poor economic judgments by consumers, businesses, and speculative opportunists.

  3. dj Says:

    Jimmy, it hasn’t been just Bush, no republican has been even remotely fiscally responsible since Eisenhower. Only a fool would believe that they will migically start being actual conservatives in 2010 or 12.

  4. nancy torrap Says:

    It’s pretty much irrelevant who caused this mess; what matters now is fixing it before it’s too late. My guess is it’s not gonna be the Obama administration with thier runaway train spending. As a matter of fact, they are precipitating economic collapse with thier policies. It’s gonna get ugly, folks.
    Google “ecomonic collapse”.

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