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GM Repayment: Beyond the Headlines

By Frank Hagan | Related entries in Bailouts

Our auto company GM is “repaying” some of the bailout money early! Or so say the headlines. But the reality is a little bit different. Some background, in case you don’t remember all the payments you made to own 61% of GM. The government placed $6.7 billion in a “contingency fund” in case things got […]

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Bow Wow

By The Pajama Pundit | Related entries in News

So, I read Doug’s take as well as John’s angle and followed it all with Justin’s comments and Jacob’s snark. The bottom-line (as far as I’m concerned) is that this really is not a big deal. I understand the interest and argument posited by Doug and John, but I think that the answers to their […]

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Will seniors sit still for half a trillion dollars in Medicare cuts?

By John Burke | Related entries in News

Seniors: One super-voting bloc politicians mess with at their peril For months now, it’s been clear that the road to “deficit neutral” health care reform is a bumpy, maybe even dangerous, one for seniors. Ironically, in their zeal to extend health insurance to the roughly 40 million people who don’t have any, President Obama and […]

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Going Postal On “Going Rogue”

By Doug Mataconis | Related entries in News, Palin

Not surprisingly, The New York Times review of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue: An American Life isn’t exactly positive: “Going Rogue,” the title of Sarah Palin’s erratic new memoir, comes from a phrase used by a disgruntled McCain aide to describe her going off-message during the campaign: among other things, for breaking with the campaign over […]

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Dwight Eisenhower: Another Bower In Chief

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Comedy, History

To Charles De Gaulle… To the wife of Italian Prime Minister Giovanni Gronchi… To Pope John XXIII… Maybe he just liked to sneak a peek at their shoes? (h/t: Gaucho Politico & Lawyers, Guns & Money) Tweet

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Unintended Consequences of a Single Payer System

By Frank Hagan | Related entries in Health Care, health care reform

Maggie Mahar has an interesting observation in Sunday’s Washington Post: If you’re a progressive like me, and you’re upset by the Stupak amendment, which bars federally subsidized insurance from covering abortions, consider this: What if we had a single-payer health-care system and someone like Jeb Bush or Sarah Palin were running the country? The Stupak […]

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Breaking news! Obama Superman Win!

By Jacob | Related entries in News

In what can only be called an Epic Win, President Obama has turned his back on Superman! USA rules! With this daring breach of protocol (at the risk of a super-wedgie) Obama has done what no American President has ever done – disrespected Superman. I think we can all agree that this is truly a […]

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How The Bowing Posts Came To Donklephant

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Blogging, Obama

Hey all, I’ve heard quite a bit of back channel chatter about the last two posts on the blog and I wanted to explain how I was responsible for the topic even showing up here in the first place. Doug and I are friends on Facebook and he feeds his posts through his profile. I […]

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Republicans Shifting Opinions On Healthcare Purely Partisan?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Health Care, Republicans

I found the following numbers from Gallup about government’s role in health care to be, well, eye opening. Check it out… Hmmm, what happened in 2008…I can’t really think of anything. Republicans can not like Obama all the want, but this smacks of “Soreloserism.” Why, just look at how this drop has effected the overall […]

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White House busted! Obama bow to Japanese emperor is NOT just “protocol”

By John Burke | Related entries in News

Not unless the White House is making up its own “protocol” as Obama cruises through his latest road trip. For the past 24 hours, a lot of eyebrows have been raised around the world about this photo of the President of the United States bowing low — very low — before the Emperor of Japan, […]

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