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  2. Tillyosu Says:

    That should probably be a picture of an Ass with his head in the sand. The general consensus, as I see it, on the left is that the bottom is falling out because this Administration and Congress hasn’t been LIBERAL enough in their policy agenda.

    Really? 70% of Independent Massachusetts voters voted to send a Republican to the Senate…because Washington wasn’t being liberal enough?

    Keep thinking that…

  3. wj Says:

    Till, the left has to believe that for the same reason that Republicans (at least in California) believe that the reason that they lose elections is that their candidates are not conservative enough. Because otherwise they would have to accept that
    a) they are not really at the center of the political spectrum,
    b) the majority of the country is no where near as far from the center as they are,
    c) which would mean that they are not going to get their hearts’ desire, no matter how hard they believe.

    It’s the kind of refusal to accept reality that a psychologist would diagnose without any trouble at all. The only redeeming feature is that, occasionally, the other party will mess up and nominate someone relatively moderate. Which means that they win the next election.

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