Republican Pledge

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11 Responses to “Republican Pledge”

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  2. Chris Says:

    That’s actually more detailed than what the republicans gave us.

  3. Thomas Says:

    The cub scout “Law of the Pack” is a more detailed and effective template for a political platform than the new GOP pledge and it’s only four lines long.

  4. kranky kritter Says:

    WHQ, you can paste your response to my comment about billyblog over atmy blog, amnd we can take it from there if we want.

    And hey folks, if you’re bored by the quietude round here, feel free to stop by thecrankycritter at Leaving out the tags in hopes of eluding the moderation filter.

    Anyone else who wants to drop by with post ideas, to rant, to say hi and tell me what you’ve been doing, drinking, etc, please do so.

    I’ll get some more posts up if I get some traffic. My latest one concerns how Instapundit has recently warned the GOP not to glibly misinterpret the real message behind the expected turnover in the upcoming mid-terms.

  5. WHQ Says:

    kk, done.

  6. Dyre42 Says:

    Methinks yon pledge is just a rehash of the “Contract on America”

  7. kranky kritter Says:

    Nah, Dyre, it’s weaker, vaguer, less substantial. The national party needs to give the illusion that they are leading what’s going on with the incipient turnover in congress.

    But they’re not leading this, and they know it. So they left out any details or positions that might derail the favorably onrushing anti-incumbent juggernaut. A juggernaut which consists of the angriest most terrified electorate America has seen since at least the 70s.

    That they have almost nothing to do with the impending outcome will absolutely NOT stop them from trying to take credit for it afterward. They’re preparing to step forward and confidently take charge of what they will call a mandate for GOP policies.

  8. Mike A. Says:

    I see the potential for the economy to begin to pickup, and the GOP to take responsibility for this, and use it to rebuke the work that Obama has done. What will be ignored is the fact that, even if they could affect the economy with a change in leadership, there would be a measurable lag of 6 to 12 months (and that’s an optimistic estimate). The sad truth is, thanks to confirmation bias and a lack of understanding, these claims will be believed by many people in this country.

  9. Chris Says:

    KK, I want to comment on your site, but I don’t have any of those methods to sign in.

  10. kranky kritter Says:

    Do you object to just starting a bozo gmail/google account that you’d use only to be able to post?

    If so, there’ s really nothing I can really do about it, since I get what I get with the free blogspot service… .

  11. kranky kritter Says:

    I also see potential for the economy to begin picking up slowly over the next year. It cratered so deep that it’s almost inevitable that it will begin to creep up following the recent period where it’s basically stabilized.

    And I agree that Republicans will try to take post-mid-term credit for it. But hey, that’s politics. Both parties are always certain that all the bad things are the other party’s fault and all the good things are things they made happen. They’re like infants. Let them cry themselves to sleep, right?

    My personal view is that the government did a number of necessary things to prop up the economy when it cratered, during the tail end of the Bush Presidency and the beginning of the Obama Presidency. Most of the really important necessary things passed without too much bickering. Which indicates to me that no matter what either party said then or is saying now, these particular things would have been enacted in some form regardless of who was President and who was running congress.

    I’m old enough now as I enter my later 40s to have seen several generations of politicians and both parties do their best to take partisan credit for for such things. Congress generally does a passing job of taking care of crises somehow, thus barely doing, umm, their jobs. Neither PARTY deserves much credit for the fact that this happens.

    So if and when the economy recovers, I have no plans to pat EITHER party on the back for “fixing” it. Instead, both parties deserve blame for fostering the long-term environment of easy credit and the subsequent real estate bubble that caused the collapse in the first place. We had a big fall caused the powerful greedy corrupt idiots running congress. Now, after that big fall, regular folks are still alive but bruised, many facing lowered expectations. Maybe a crappier job or no raise. Smaller retirement savings. Different ideas about consumer consumption. Slowly but surely we can hopefully dust ourselves off and go on as best we can.

    And THAT, amigos, is what will cause a recovery. Not Republicans and not Democrats. The sooner we all wrap our heads round that, the better.

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