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Townes Van Zandt was an incredible songwriter and a great storyteller.

I first heard this song on a live album where he’s playing in Germany. He explains that Amarillo is a town in Texas where the wind blows 80 miles per hour all the time. He says the hippies look real funny there because their hair is always sticking straight out in front of them, or behind or to the side.

Then he tells them that the Gunnison is a river and the Raton Pass is the only way to get through the mountains to New Mexico from Colorado.

It’s a great story when he tells it.

Enjoy your weekend.

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2 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Jane Cooper Says:

    I heard Butch Hancock do this one in Austin in 1981, coming off my carpentry job and knocking back a longneck in the bar of the old Alamo Hotel, and I would not trade that time for anything…. It took two wrecking balls six months to knock that hotel down, but?? these songs will be here forever.

  2. kranky kritter Says:

    Been outta town. I was in Dallas.

    Went to the book depository. It was an easy shot. A 2nd gunman was not necessary. Oswald could have easily gotten off 3 shots and made them count. Not sure how he knew to get a job there a month ahead of time, though. Anyone know?

    Had the added treat of a protest on the grassy knoll. Muslim members of the socialist workers party were protesting the presence of Saudi troops in Bahrain. Yup, they were protesting thisin Dallas. It was quite lame.

    The stockyards in Ft Worth were also worth the trip.

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