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Poll: Romney Up Big In New Hampshire, Ron Paul Second

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Public Policy Polling is out today with some more numbers that bode well for Romney in the Granite state. The scoop… Mitt Romney has a significant lead in New Hampshire, getting 35% there to 19% for Ron Paul, 17% for Newt Gingrich, 13% for Jon Huntsman, 5% for Michele Bachmann, 3% for Rick Santorum, 2% […]

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Poll: Ron Paul Leads, Gingrich Falls in Iowa

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Public Policy Polling is out with their latest numbers and they bode well for the perennial dark horse from Texas. First, let’s look at the numbers compared between the last poll and this one… So why has Newt lost traction? A few reasons… Gingrich has now seen a big drop in his Iowa standing two […]

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Iran’s Drone

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This Week In The GOP VEEPstakes…

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“What goes up must come down,” as the old adage says. Mitt Romney was flying high like a kite on a windy day for so long, that it’s reasonable to assume he would have a hard time captivating the nation’s attention until election day. To be fair, Mitt still seems the most electable candidate in […]

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Newt Up Big In Early States, But New Hampshire Remains Question Mark

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According to the new TIME/CNN poll… In Iowa, he leads by 13 points… In South Carolina, he leads by 23 points.. In Florida, he leads by, again, 23 points… In New Hampshire, he trails by 19 points… Can Newt make up the difference in that ever important state? More as it develops.. Tweet

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Minority Report, In Real Life? (Infographic)

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The 2002 film Minority Report, based on a story by Philip K. Dick, showed worldwide audiences the promise of an incredible future in which crime was predicted, and stopped, before it ever occurred. However, the concept, while cool, also seemed completely unrealistic – how could we actually go about predicting crime if we don’t have […]

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Ron Paul Drops Searing New Anti-Gingrich Ad

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Looks like the Dr. is stepping up to the plate and calling Newt out on his sketchy, flip-floppy record. With Newt way up in Iowa (even though he just got an office in the state a week ago) and now leading the GOP contenders nationwide, expect all of the other candidates to aim their guns […]

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Who’s pumped for the battle in 2012 about the choice between Obama and the GOP nominee? Let us know in the comment and let us know which candidate would you endorse. Tweet

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Occupy North Pole

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