What’s New In Vice Presidents Land?

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If you haven’t been by the VEEP Blog in a while, you may have missed a story or two!

My apologies for the summaries, but I’ve got a lot of ground to cover here…

We’ve decided that, though T-Paw was an early adopter of Romney and hopelessly loyal, Romney’s poor showing in Minnesota pretty much killed T-Paw’s chances for running mate. More about Tim Pawlenty here. 

Every Wednesday, we’re now featuring a historic political cartoon about one of our past vice presidents, like this one:

1968 Hubert Humphrey Cartoon

We caught up with some of the living former Veeps to see what they’ve been up to lately. Cheney is still smack-talking, Gore is battling with Keith Olbermann at CurrentTV, Dan Quayle is excited about his son’s forays into politics, Elder Bush met with Romney, and Mondale was featured on MPR. More here! 

For Valentine’s Day, we wondered which Vice President was the BEST KISSER! See the photos here! (PS. Dan Quayle is too funny!)

And, of course, we took a look at what Joe Biden’s been up to. Get the latest scoop here. 

Scheduled for next week, we’ll take a closer look at VEEP Prospect John Thune, report on what Joe Biden’s been up to all week, cover the issues that Jill Biden has been working on as Second Lady, and tell you a really funny story about VP Andrew Johnson!

Over the last few months, our Facebook and Twitter pages have really taken off, some come join the discussion!













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