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Now You Can Watch My Film, “We Will Make You Whole Again”

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Over the past two years I wrote, produced and directed a film called “We Will Make You Whole Again” with my co-director, editor and cinematographer Trevor Hawkins of Mammoth Media. Some of you know this because a couple months back I shared the trailer for the film and told you a little bit about what […]

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Sheperd Fairey Lied About Using Obama Photo. However…

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So, it looks like the artist behind the iconic poster of Barack Obama actually did use an A.P. image as a template to create it. Still, there’s a lot to discuss about copyright infringement, Fair Use, etc. However, first the details from the NY Times: The A.P. claimed in January that Mr. Fairey owed them […]

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If You Only Read One Post About A Sculpture Featuring Bernie Madoff, A Flying Bull & The Wall Street Crisis, Make It This One

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Bernie Madoff being pinned to the wall by a huge, farting bull…which is supposed to represent Wall Street. All from the mind of Chinese artist Chen Wenling. I mean, come on…that is AWESOME! A question…if you had to create a sculpture that summed up what happened last year…what would it look like and why? (Photo: […]

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Obama & Spider-Man Team Up

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And not only that, my sister’s boyfriend wrote the issue! He’s Zeb Wells and he’s mentioned further down in the following excerpt from USA Today: On Jan. 14, Marvel Comics is releasing a special issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583 with Obama depicted on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and […]

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Elephant Paints Self Portrait

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It’s amazing what Republicans can do sometimes. Tweet

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The Balloon Tank

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The benefits of running a blog? I can post stuff like this… Okay, who wants to make a predator made out of popsicle sticks? UPDATE: I can’t believe I didn’t think of the obvious Balloon Juice jokes. John Cole will not be pleased. Tweet

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