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Missouri Kills 3rd Party/Militia Bumper Stick Profiling

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This was definitely troubling, so it’s good to see that some real action was taken after the report was revealed. From McClatchy: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Highway Patrol this week retracted a controversial report on militia activity and will change how such reports are reviewed before being distributed to law enforcement agencies. The […]

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Bob Barr On Gay Marriage

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“In 2006, when then-Sen. Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment, he said, “Decisions about marriage should be left to the states.” He was right then; and as I have come to realize, he is right now in concluding that DOMA has to go. If one truly believes in federalism and the primacy of state […]

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The Impact Of Bob Barr

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CNN takes a look and discusses what his impact will be. I think Barr could make a big difference in Georgia and other traditional red states like North Carolina, Indiana, Florida and Ohio. Here’s why… Reports show 1 million Democrats have early voted in North Carolina, compared to half a million Republicans. 1.4 million people […]

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MSNBC Profiles Bob Barr

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Is Barr this year’s Nader? Probably not because this doesn’t appear to be a close call. However, he could definitely siphon off crucial votes in New Hampshire and Georgia. So, will Barr help bring about an Obama landslide? Tweet

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Quote Of The Day

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“Senator John McCain will not win Georgia.” – Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr That’s certainly a bold prediction, but let’s remember that Barr represented Georgia’s 7th district from 1995 to 2003, so he may pull support from fiscal conservatives in the state. What’s more, at least one recent poll has shown Obama up by one. […]

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Bob Barr Talks Russia/Georgia Conflict

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And makes a lot of sense… “Obviously, America should encourage both countries to back down and resolve their differences peacefully,” explains Barr. But “the status of South Ossetia, as well as Abkhazia, another Russian-supported separatist zone within Georgia, matters a lot more to Russia, on which the two territories border, than to the U.S. Moreover, […]

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GOP Concerned About Georgia

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Why? Two words: Bob Barr. Republican strategists are privately conceding that the GOP could lose Georgia’s 15 presidential electors for the first time since 1992 because of Bob Barr’s ballot position as the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. The most recent Georgia survey by the polling firm Insider Advantage, conducted July 2, shows 46 percent for […]

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Public Policy Polling: McCain Up By 6 In South Carolina

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McCain – 45% Obama – 39% Barr – 5% More evidence that solidly red states aren’t nearly as solid this time around. Because while South Carolina went for Bush by 16 points in 2004, now we’re down to single digits. Public Policy Polling shares why Obama is keeping it close… The demographics fueling Obama’s ability […]

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Zogby: Obama Up By 16 In New Mexico

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Obama – 49% McCain – 33% Barr – 9% Nader – 2% This is a state that Bush took by only 1% in 2004, and barely lost in 2000. The details… Hispanics for Obama and self-identified libertarians for Barr make McCain a distant second. Hispanics make up 30% of the sample, and they choose Obama […]

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McCain Not Treating Barr as a Threat

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barr, Libertarian, McCain

Will Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr be a threat to John McCain? Apparently, McCain doesn’t think so. Often, the two major parties will try to deal with third party threats by knocking the third-party challenger off the ballot in as many states as possible. For instance, Democrats tried to block Ralph Nader’s ballot access […]

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