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What Are The Best Indy/Centrist/Moderate Blogs?

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Solomon Kleinsmith, who is a contributor here from time to time and just started a great new site The Rise Of The Center, has put together a list of indy/centrist/moderate blogs you should check out. Here’s a taste: The Pragmatic Center – Nick Goebel, who I’ve chatted with a bit, has his head on straight. […]

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Sorry For The Goofup

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogroll

I embedded a flash game earlier and it looks to have really played havoc with the site. It looked fine in Safari and Firefox too on my Mac, but when I checked the site on a Windows machine at my gym, it was a different story. Sorry for the goofup. I won’t be embedding those […]

March 17th, 2008 | Permalink| 1 Comment »’s Live Blog of South Carolina CNN / CBC Democratic Debate (January 21, 2007)

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[Re-published from We will update this post on Donklephant periodically, but for the latest check out the live blog at] 5:51: The debate starts at 8 pm tonight on CNN. It’s been a yin/yang sort of day, with the candidates making nice over Martin Luther King while Obama calls Bill Clinton a liar, […]

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