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Bloomberg Injects Bi-Partisan Money Into 2012 Races

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Hypothetically speaking – “Americans Elect” could disenfranchise New York (or any other state) in the 2012 presidential election.

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It is November 7, 2012. A plurality of the people of New York state have voted to put their confidence in AE candidate Michael Bloomberg. In a close election, neither Democratic candidate Barack Obama or Republican candidate Mitt Romney have secured a majority of electoral votes. New York’s 31 electoral votes will now determine who will be president. Yet by AE bylaws, Michael Bloomberg is now sidelined and will not decide how to cast the New York electoral votes on behalf of the people of New York. Instead, it is the Americans Elect delegates who will decide whether Obama or Romney receive New York’s 31 electoral votes and the presidency. As a practical matter, the people of the state of New York will be completely disenfranchised in the 2012 electoral college vote.

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If you liked “Unity08″ you’ll love “Americans Elect”

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Americans Elect, backed by a bucket load of New York mystery money, is hiring petition gatherers, fighting expensive legal battles, and doing the hard grunt work necessary to get on the ballot in all fifty states. All in order to field a presidential candidate – To Be Named Later. So – if you are considering putting your idealistic heart and soul into this brave new political operation, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting into.

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Bloomberg Slams Both Sides On The Economy

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Big time speech today from the guy who definitely has his eye on the White House. Here’s the video… I’ll offer the transcript below after my analysis. Personally, this feels disingenuous from a guy like Bloomberg who has repeatedly used the government to regulate New York City businesses and consumer behavior six ways to Sunday. […]

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Mosques, Maxims, Monticello and Mojo

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In America, in matters of religious tolerance, there should be no close calls, no qualification of primary principles, and the first amendment should not be location dependent. I hold no quarter with the distinction of “rights” vs. right which strikes me as a Clintonian parsing for those looking to rationalize making the Cordoba Project move the mosque/cultural center.

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Where the Independent Voters–and Independent Candidates–Are in 2010

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Where the Independent Voters — and Independent Candidates — Are in 2010 You’ll never see what happened last Tuesday looking through a two-party microscope! Nope. You need an independent historyscope to get this one! I had the pleasure of hearing independent strategist Jackie Salit give her analysis of the November elections on Sunday night on […]

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News Headlines for Independent Voters 10/29/09

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News Headlines for Independent Voters 10/29/09 As we head to Election Day 2009, everyone is talking about the Yankees and the Phillies. And a few people are talking about the Mayoral race in NYC, where independent candidate Mike Bloomberg is poised to become the first independent mayor of New York, running on the Independence Party […]

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Serious as a Heart Attack: The Independents’ Story

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SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK: THE INDEPENDENTS’ STORY By: Jackie Salit When we finally get far enough down the road on health care reform, it will become clear that a driving force in the intensity of the fight was a heart attack. Not the medical kind. The political kind. Independents swung decisively to Barack Obama […]

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News Headlines for Independent Voters 10/6/09

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News Headlines for Independent Voters 10/6/09 Independent Voters On healthcare and other hot issues: Follow the independents–The number of voters not tied to Democrats or Republicans is expanding fast. Both parties need to adjust. (By the Christian Science Monitor’s Editorial Board) Were the 2010 elections to occur today, 43 percent of independents say they would […]

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News Headlines for Independents 8/6/09

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INDEPENDENT VOTERS Wherever independents fall on the supposed political “spectrum”, if they ARE on the political “spectrum”, (i.e. they do exist!) Many MSM publishers seek increasing irrelevance if they don’t see the direction that the American people are headed…. While it’s clear that independents are “all over the map” on social issues, they increasingly come […]

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