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Bloomberg May Run on Republican Ticket

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Bloomberg, Independents, New York City, Republicans

Never one to miss an opportunity, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg may run on the Republican ticket next mayoral election while still remaining a declared independent. Apparently, despite being an apostate to the national party, local borough GOP leaders are willing to let the still-popular mayor put his name on their line. If you’re keeping […]

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Bloomberg To Cut $1B From NYC Budget

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bloomberg, Business, Money, Taxes

Some tough cuts and tax increases are coming to The Big Apple. From “This is a very tough time for our city and nation,” Bloomberg said. “We have a $4 billion budget gap. It is serious, I think it is manageable.” […] For now, Bloomberg is proposing $894 million in new sales taxes, including: […]

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ANP (VIDEO): Fed Lends Two Trillion Without Oversight

By American News Project | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Bailouts, Bloomberg, Congress, D.C., Dodd, Economic recovery, Economy, Film, Florida, United States, Wall Street, Washington, WTF?

If you thought $700 billion was a lot of money, well.. It is. But $2 trillion is.. ridiculous. This is Danielle Ivory from ANP. Congress and the new administration have been focusing their attention on strengthening oversight for the Treasury’s TARP program, but meanwhile few are paying any attention to the Federal Reserve. Since September, […]

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Bloomberg Clear To Run For 3rd Term

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bloomberg, Law, New York City

All hail the new Tammany Hall! From NY Times: After a spirited, emotional and at times raucous debate, the New York City Council voted, 29 to 22, on Thursday afternoon to extend term limits, allowing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to seek re-election next year and undoing the result of two voter referendums that had imposed […]

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Bloomberg Seeks A Third Term

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bloomberg, Elections, New York City

And given the current circumstances on Wall Street, my bet is he’ll get. MarketWatch has the details… Bloomberg announced Thursday he supports changing the term limits law to run for a third term. Observers have respected Bloomberg for restoring a sense of optimism to a post-9/11 New York City while encouraging tourists to visit, keeping […]

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Bloomberg Wants To Host 1st Town Hall

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bloomberg, Debates, Democrats, McCain, New York, New York City, Republicans

(UPDATE: Both campaigns rejected the offer because they don’t want to limit it to just one network. Hmmm…) Now this is a pretty brilliant move… The guy who has some of the deepest pockets in the world, and could be a VP for either candidate, wants to use that leverage. From Politico: New York Mayor […]

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Obama and McCain May Be Considering Bloomberg

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Bloomberg, McCain, Veep

As previously reported, John McCain may be considering New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the vice president spot. One issue: he may be on Barack Obama’s list as well. The very fact that the exact same man is possibly being considered by both the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees tells us that both sides’ […]

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Bloomberg On McCain’s Radar?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bloomberg, Democrats, McCain, Republicans, Veep

I seriously doubt that McCain would pick Bloomberg, given his many liberal stances. Still, NY Mag speculates that he’s being actively courted by Arizona senator: The morning before John McCain’s sprightly turn on Saturday Night Live on May 17, the de facto GOP presidential nominee had breakfast at Sarabeth’s on Central Park South with Michael […]

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Bloomberg On Gas Tax Holiday: Dumber Than Dumb

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bloomberg, Democrats, Energy, Hillary, McCain, Republicans, Taxes

He’s arguably THE most business savvy politician ever, and here’s his opinion on the Clinton/McCain proposal… “It’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in an awful long time from an economic point of view. I don’t understand why you think there’s any merit to it whatsoever. We’re trying to discourage people from driving and we’re trying […]

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An Obama/Bloomberg Ticket?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bloomberg, Democrats, Independents

Well, looks like Bloomberg keeps popping up in the conversation… From NY1: In an interview on “Inside City Hall” Friday night, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey promoted the idea of an Obama-Bloomberg presidential ticket – and revealed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke Thursday with the Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama. “Certainly you could joke that Obama’s […]

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