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Obama Hasn’t Deviated Much From Bush National Security Policies

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Bush, National Security, Terrorism

So, Dick Cheney has been going around telling everyone that President Obama is making us less safe by daring to change some of the Bush era national security policies. But Jack Goldsmith at The New Republic says Cheney’s criticisms don’t hold up. Obama has actually changed very little outside rhetoric and packaging. Goldsmith details eleven […]

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Obama Opposes Release Of Additional Abu Gharib Photos?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Obama, Torture, Transparency

A surprising reversal and one I obviously disagree with. This also seriously undermines Obama’s message of transparency and openness…at least in the eyes of Dems. From Wash Post: President Obama has decided to oppose the release of several dozen photos depicting abuse of detainees held in U.S. military custody abroad, reversing his previous position on […]

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Bush’s Own Anti-Torture Memo To Be Released

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, Cheney, History, Torture

We all knew this had to happen sooner or later, and it looks like the White House wants to put this issue to bed once and for all. From Wash Post: Government officials familiar with the CIA’s early interrogations say the most powerful evidence of apparent excesses is contained in the “top secret” May 7, […]

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GOP Turns To Bush Aides For Advice?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, Republicans

Sure, Bush & Company knew how to win, but look at the costs to the GOP as a whole. That’s why I seriously question if the following is really a smart strategy. From Politico: Republicans looking to recover from Bush-era defeats are turning to an unlikely source for advice: top aides to former President George […]

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Obama Derangement Syndrome Redux

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Democrats, History, Republicans

Personally, I just don’t care at this point. People will think what they want. It was dumb when the left did it to Bush and it’s just as dumb now. From David Horowitze agrees: Conservatives, please. Let’s not duplicate the manias of the Left as we figure out how to deal with Mr. Obama. He […]

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Obama Gets Rid of “Enemy Combatant” Designation

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Bush, The War On Terrorism, War

President Obama has decided to relegate the term “enemy combatant” to the waste bin of the Bush era. The Obama administration is abandoning one of President George W. Bush’s key phrases in the war on terrorism: enemy combatant In court filings Friday, the Justice Department said it will no longer use the term to justify […]

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Obama Explains Why He’s Not A Socialist

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Video

He called the NY Times back to talk about a question they asked him. Obama’s basic argument: You do realize that Bush started all of this, right? So, was Bush a socialist? Also, does anybody think that Democrats don’t believe in capitalism? Tweet

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Budget Transparency To Come With Massive Political Price?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Money, Transparency

As was the case with many things the Bush administration touched, the federal budget was gamed in such a way to make the deficit problems look smaller than they actually were. But now Obama and his team are set to change that. Only problem? The deficit is going to get a lot bigger. How much? […]

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The Obligatory Epic Farewell To President Bush

By The Pajama Pundit | Related entries in Bush

On the subject of George W. Bush’s presidency, there have already been a great number of postmortems written. Many of these are scathing, insult-filled diatribes for which the authors had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to compose… for the last four-to-eight years. Not this one. While I will be the first to admit that I […]

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Obama embraces the Bush/Cheney unitary executive

By mw | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Civil Liberties, FISA, Religion, Rove, Torture

It is not too early to checkpoint how President Obama is progressing on “undoing the damage” of the Bush/Cheney Imperial Presidency. The most egregious offenses of the Bush/Cheney administration fall under the umbrella of expanding executive branch power at the expense of the legislative and judicial branches, with a commensurate erosion of constitutional protections. On balance – So far… all is not so good.

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