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Dame Caroline Kennedy “withdraws from consideration” for Hillary’s Senate seat

By John Burke | Related entries in Caroline Kennedy, Democrats, New York, Senate

It’s been reported that Dame Caroline Kennedy has called New York Governor David Paterson and withdrawn from consideration for appointment to fill the Senate seat vacated today by Hillary Clinton. Supposedly, Kennedy doesn’t want the appointment any more, due to the poor health of her uncle, Senator Edward M. Kennedy. But Ted Kennedy has been […]

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A Piddling Little Question

By Brad Porter | Related entries in Biden, Blagojevich, Caroline Kennedy, Colorado, Congress, Delaware, Illinois, New York

Four Senate vacancies. In one, literally a staffer is appointed to keep the seat warm for the Senator’s son. In another, it’s an ongoing battle of which high-profile election surrogate to reward for their loyalty. In the third, the trumping consideration was apparently in favor of the guy most connected to big money, at the expense of qualifications or experience. And in the fourth, the guy nominated was an unimpeachable public servant undeniably qualified for the job.

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