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Chicago Loses, Conservatives Rejoice

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Something has been bugging me all weekend. I’ve never been to Chicago. From what friends and family have told me, The Windy City is indeed a great place. There is lots to see and do. But you wouldn’t be told that if you asked any number of right-wing-talking-heads. To these folks, Chicago is a cesspool […]

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The Audacity of Axelrod

By mw | Related entries in Barack, Chicago, Ethics, Health Care

f there is one lesson that any close political adviser to a sitting president should have learned by now, it is this: It is not necessarily actual conflict of interest or impropriety that bites you in the ass. It is the appearance of conflict of interest and impropriety that is political poison. Axelrod is a very smart guy. He knows how to cover his tracks. He knows how to walk the line. That is why it is so surprising that he still chooses to walk so very very close to the ethical edge.

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The Audacity of Astroturf

By mw | Related entries in Barack, Change, Chicago, Health Care, Partisan Nonsense

This kind of partisan political posturing (like astroturfing) is par for the course, pretty much the same old tried and true game of demonizing opposition to rally your team and get your bill passed. Not exactly “hope and change”, more like “same ol’ stuff”, but it doesn’t bother me. It can create problems though – if you don’t finesse it just right.

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Blue State Cowboys sing “Pay To Play (But Keep Love In Your Heart)”

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You gotta love this!  The Blue State Cowboys, led by Matt Farmer, sing country-style about “pay to play” in the Windy City. For those who might want to adopt this in their band’s repertoire, I’ve posted the lyrics on my blog at: Tweet

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