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Give me that old-timey filibuster.

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Some described Rand Paul’s historic 13 hour filibuster as “libertarian porn”. Note we are talking about a CSPAN feed of a man speaking at a podium for 13 hours, yet it was far more engrossing and entertaining than it had any right to be.Ultimately the Senate voted to confirm John Brennan as Director of the CIA 63-34. But Senator Rand Paul got the answehe was looking for and the country got the debate we deserved.

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Cheney Behind Illegal C.I.A. Program Concealment

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Not that it’s a surprise, but are we at the point now where we start talking seriously about prosecutions? Because it’s apparent that Cheney directed the C.I.A. to break the law by concealing information and if the guy can get away with anything as long as it was done for national security reasons, well, what […]

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WHAT????!!!! From NY Times: WASHINGTON — The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, has told the House Intelligence Committee in closed-door testimony that the C.I.A. concealed “significant actions” from Congress from 2001 until late last month, seven Democratic committee members said. In a June 26 letter to Mr. Panetta discussing his testimony, […]

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