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San Francisco Values – Hamburger Edition

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My hometown supervisors again set up The City for national ridicule and general hilarity, this time with the ban on Mcdonald’s Happy Meal toys. I guess it is a good thing that in these trying times we can offer ourselves up to the rest of the nation as civic clowns to help lighten the national mood.

I fully understand that – in the most progressive major city with the most progressive governing body in the country – it is impossible for them to resist the temptation to occasionally succumb to their core belief that no one is capable of making decisions for themselves or their family without their benevolent dictates guiding forcing us in the right direction. But… when even the Daily Show is pointing and laughing – you’d think our Supes might get a clue.

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The 12 Days Of Xmas

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And now…David Donar’s version of The 12 Days of Christmas…as featured on CNN. In David’s own words… This is an animated video I did as part of CNN’s 12 days of Christmas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. For some reason, animation and holidays go together pretty naturally. Maybe […]

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Make Your Own Nancy Pelosi Doll

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Out of an apple? Donar shows you how… More at Political Graffiti. Tweet

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How To Draw Obama Claus

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Visit Political Graffiti for more. Tweet

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Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Land of BIG Spirits

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Sarah Palin’s new reality show claims to show her in a “natural” setting. I bet there are more interesting perspectives on this natural state. Tweet

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Sarah Palin Complains About Invasion Of Her Privacy…On Her Reality Show

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She’s the gift that keeps on giving. Please oh please oh please run for President. Tweet

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President Obama on the Daily Show

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Barack Obama sat down for an interview on The Daily Show. I thought it was more enlightening than most “real news” interviews I’ve seen and an entertaining give and take. As is often the case these days, the harshest post-mortem criticism of the presidential performance seemed to come from the left.

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“Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” gets Taiwan animation treatment

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As these have become a cultural phenomena, I think we need a new word for stories that get the Taiwan animation treatment. How about “twam” – as in “Jon Stewart gets twammed.” Other suggestions welcomed.

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The Last Thing I’ll Post About Christine O’Donnell

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She’s not a witch She’s you. God bless you Tea Party. (NOTE: If Christine O’Donnell wins, I reserve the right to post often about her.) Tweet

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Taiwanese animation, Christine O’Donnell, U.S. media, and an old joke.

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We know why NMA selected her for this treatment. It is because watching our media, NMA determined she must be a big story. The real question – Why is she such a big story here? Why is she getting so much new and old media attention that she pops up on the NMA meme radarscope?

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