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Russ Feingold Wants To End Governor Appointed Senators

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I like the idea in theory, but I always thought that Governors replaced Senators because it’s too costly to have special elections and somebody needs to serve in the interim. Still, this seems like the type of amendment that could easily garner bi-partisan support. From Political Wire: The controversies surrounding some of the recent gubernatorial […]

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Obama and Lincoln Day

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Are appointments of Senators unconstitutional?

By John Burke | Related entries in Constitution, Illinois, Senate

Thomas Geoghegan, a well-known liberal lawyer who is running for Congress in Illinois, had an op-ed piece in the The New York Times yesterday that raised a question I must admit I hadn’t known even was a question: are appointments by governors to fill Senate vacancies unconstitutional? The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adopted in […]

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Does The Constitution Bar Hillary Clinton From Becoming Secretary of State ?

By Doug Mataconis | Related entries in Constitution, General Politics, Hillary, Law

It hasn’t reached the mainstream media yet, but in the days since Hillary Clinton’s nomination to be Barack Obama’s Secretary of State became official, there’s been some discussion of a little-known provision in the Constitution that could bar Hillary Clinton from serving at Foggy Bottom: [S]pecifically, Article One, Section Six, also known as the emoluments […]

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Russia Extends Presidency From 4 To 6 Years

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Vladimir Putin continues to consolidate power… From TNR: If any proof were needed that the Russian political system operates in its own time-space continuum, it came this morning, when the parliament decided to deal with the country’s economic meltdown by amending its constitution. The Duma fixed the 1993 text by decoupling presidential and parliamentary elections […]

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On Gay Marriage

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Jon Meacham and Ashton Kutcher discuss Prop 8… I agree with both of them, but Ashton more so. The idea that people voted on somebody else’s rights and relationships is crazy. In the end, I wish the government would get out of the business of marriage and set up a separate civil union system so […]

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Meet Marge Tartaglione, Philly Voting Czar

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Philadelphia is shaping up to be a key city in a key battleground state in this election, but machine problems and long lines may plague the polling stations and voter disenfranchisement will be a serious risk. Unfortunately for voters, the people charged with running a smooth election in Philly seem surprisingly unconcerned. Philly’s veritable election czar, Marge Tartaglione (D), in particular, shocked ANP with her comments at a recent hearing. See more videos at

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Is Palin This Clueless About First Amendment Rights?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Constitution, Law, McCain, Media, Palin, Veep

I’m sorry folks, but the following argument is RIDICULOUS and I can’t believe it’s coming out of the mouth of somebody so close to the presidency…much less the Governor of one of our states. I mean…WTF? Palin told WMAL-AM that her criticism of Obama’s associations, like those with 1960s radical Bill Ayers and the Rev. […]

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Palin And Biden On Separation Of Church And State

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Biden, Constitution, History, Palin, Religion, Video

She keeps on stumbling… Doug breaks it down… Palin’s statement is particularly interesting mostly because it ends up becoming a fundamental misreading of what Jefferson meant when he said that the First Amendment had erected a “wall of separation” between the political and clerical worlds — namely his assertion, widely accepted during the Founding Era, […]

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Happy Constitution Day!

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until such time that additional protections for the governed can be built into the Constitution, we the governed can address this Constitutional defect on our own – by never voting one party into control of the Presidency, Senate, and House or Representatives. By voting for divided government.

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