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The Quickening Decline of Newspapers

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Business, Change, Culture, Media

The flagging economy has accelerated the decline of the American newspaper industry. Already suffering from waning readership and declining ad sales, several major newspapers are now projected to fold or go exclusively on-line before the end of the year. Those papers include such stalwarts of the news business as the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, […]

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If only Abraham Lincoln were alive to enjoy his 200th birthday…

By Darren Garnick | Related entries in Barack, Crazy, Culture, History, Independents, Kitchen Sink, New Hampshire, Satire

Whichever one of the Ten Commandments tells us not to bow down to idols, that’s the one we’ve been breaking with all the Abraham Lincoln worship lately. There’s no way he was even half as popular amongst Northerners back in the 1860s (I still bump into Civil War kooks down South who HATE Lincoln more […]

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Does the Bernie Madoff doll (or action figure) trivialize his scam victims?

By Darren Garnick | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Bailouts, Corporate Business, Crazy, Culture, Disasters, Economy, WTF?

In this economy, would you pay $149.99 for a Bernie Madoff action figure? Would your answer be influenced if you knew it was a limited edition action figure? is no stranger to controversy, brazenly giving G.I. Joe collectors the meanest enemies possible to wage war on — Saddam, Osama, Hugo Chavez.  Without bad guys, […]

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R.I.P John Updike

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Culture, R.I.P.

The great writer John Updike has died at the age of 76. I say writer, because Updike was more than a novelist. He was a storyteller, an essayist, a man of letters in a way that is rare in our current age. With Updike’s passing we have one less literary great who was widely known […]

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Fiction Reading on the Rise

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Culture

When I’m not bloviating (blogviating?) on the web or making an increasingly meager living as a freelance marketing writing, I write fiction. That’s why this piece of news is a nice ray of light amidst the dark news stories filling the new year. Fiction reading is on the rise for the first time since the […]

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