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Marco Rubio & Rand Paul Win Senate Seats. O’Donnell Loses

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Delaware, Democrats, Florida, Kentucky, Republicans

So far the Tea Party candidates are 2 for 3 when it comes to the Senate. To me, Rubio’s win is much more important to the Tea Party than Paul’s. Especially since Rubio is so young, from a very populous state and is much smarter than Paul. Keep your eye on him. Christine O’Donnell, yeah, […]

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Taiwanese animation, Christine O’Donnell, U.S. media, and an old joke.

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We know why NMA selected her for this treatment. It is because watching our media, NMA determined she must be a big story. The real question – Why is she such a big story here? Why is she getting so much new and old media attention that she pops up on the NMA meme radarscope?

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O’Donnell Wins In Delaware. Democrats Rejoice.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Delaware, Democrats, Republicans, tea party

Why? Public Policy Polling explains… Republicans more than likely cost themselves a Senate seat last night. Chris Coons begins the general election in Delaware with a 50-34 lead over Christine O’Donnell. Mike Castle would have led Coons by a 45-35 margin. While O’Donnell may have ingratiated herself to Delaware’s small group of registered Republicans over […]

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A Piddling Little Question

By Brad Porter | Related entries in Biden, Blagojevich, Caroline Kennedy, Colorado, Congress, Delaware, Illinois, New York

Four Senate vacancies. In one, literally a staffer is appointed to keep the seat warm for the Senator’s son. In another, it’s an ongoing battle of which high-profile election surrogate to reward for their loyalty. In the third, the trumping consideration was apparently in favor of the guy most connected to big money, at the expense of qualifications or experience. And in the fourth, the guy nominated was an unimpeachable public servant undeniably qualified for the job.

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“This Senate seat does not belong to any politician to trade”

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So says Barack Obama this morning. “Finally, on this matter, let me say that this Senate seat does not belong to any politician to trade – it belongs to the people of Illinois, and they deserve the best possible representation. They also deserve to know that any vacancy will be filled in an appropriate way.” […]

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Obama Wins New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland

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New Hampshire was expected, but still a swing state in the grand scheme of things. The others were not surprises in the least. A total of 56 electoral votes. Tweet

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Webb’s GI Bill Secures Veto Proof Senate Victory

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, Delaware, McCain, Military, Money, Republicans, Webb

75-22. McCain didn’t vote, but stressed in recent weeks he was against it because it gave TOO much money to GIs. From Craig Newmark’s blog: Overwhelming GI Bill Victory in the Senate World War II-Style GI Bill Passed as Part of War Supplemental NEW YORK – Today, by an overwhelming 75-22 margin, the Senate passed […]

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Obama Takes Delaware

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Delaware, Hillary

It’s close, but over 67% of the vote is counted and Obama leads 50% to 45%. No word on how the delegates will split. Tweet

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