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TSA Responds To Ron Paul Supporter Cash Incident

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging, DHS, Good Decisions, Money, Ron Paul

Just found a comment left by the Transportation Security Administration in the post I wrote yesterday about that situation in St. Louis where a Ron Paul supporter was held and questioned because he had $4,700 in cash on him (which is roughly represented in the picture above). From Evolution of Security: At approximately 6:50 p.m. […]

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Arizona Dems Don’t Want Napolitano To Leave

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, DHS, Republicans

As I mentioned earlier, John McCain welcomed the news that the Arizona Governor was going to take the spot at the Department of Homeland Security, but there are some who want her to stay in the state. From New Republic: Napolitano, a widely popular Democratic governor in a red state, has two years left in […]

November 20th, 2008 | Permalink| 2 Comments »

Janet Napolitano To Head Homeland Security?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, DHS, The War On Terrorism

The Arizona Governor came out early for Obama, and she’s certainly known as a “no bull” type of politician, so this could be a good fit. Still, taking over the troubled DHS is not an enviable position and she’s definitely got her work cut out for her. From Politico: Napolitano brings law-and-order experience from her […]

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