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Narco Subs — Or How Cocaine Gets to the USA (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Drugs

All of the pop culture references in modern American society could give you a broad idea of how drugs get into the USA, but this infographic breaks down all the specifics, right down to the latrine buckets used inside of these small submarines. Tweet

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Missouri SWAT Video Reveals The Real Drug War

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Drugs, Law, Law Enforcement, Missouri, Video

The following video is heartbreaking, especially since it happened in my state. Still, this is happening every day in every other state over completely victimless crimes. Here’s a quick explanation if you can’t watch the video (via Radley Balko)… SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as […]

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Reuters Link… Tweet

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Two-Way Street: A New Policy Debate Program

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bipartisan, Drugs, Video

Could the following be the new Crossfire? Let’s hope, and we have 4 different programs to show us. First, the War on Drugs… I encourage you to follow this program and share it with your friends. Because that’s the only way we’ll be able to get this type of debate into the mainstream. Next up […]

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Obama Backs States In Medical Marijuana Cases

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Drugs, Law, Obama

The jokes will be legion, but the policy is sound. And this is a move that Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats can all applaud. From The AP:The jokes will be legion, but the policy is sound. And this is a move that libertarians, republicans and democrats can all applaud. From The AP: WASHINGTON (AP) — The […]

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Afghanistan’s Cure Is Unpopular But Necessary

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Drugs, Obama, War

George Will writes today that we should pull out of Afghanistan and instead focus on Pakistan. Even though I still think we should stay (and I’ll get into why), at this point he has my ear… U.S. forces are being increased by 21,000, to 68,000, bringing the coalition total to 110,000. About 9,000 are from […]

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Take two placebos and call me in the morning.

By mw | Related entries in Drugs, Health Care, Science

Placebos are getting stronger and more effective against a wide range of ailments.

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Mexico Decriminalizes Some Recreational Drug Possession

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Drugs, Law, Legislation, Mexico

So Canada has basically decriminalized marijuana possession and Mexico has added cocaine, meth, heroin and LSD to the mix. Wonder what’s going to happen in the US in the next decade…especially given the current reality in California where shops are selling pot out in the open? The Daily Beast has more… In an effort to […]

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Schwarzenegger Wants Debate On Marijuana Decriminalization

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Debates, Drugs

This came as a bit of a shock to me, but Arnold is definitely one of the most moderate Republicans I’ve ever seen and is willing to take chances giving his unique position as a Republican Governor of a solidly blue state. Also, let’s not forget that the state voted to okay medical marijuana back […]

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More Women Can Now Get Plan B

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Drugs, Health Care

Old enough to see an R rated movie? Then you’re now old enough to get the morning after pill over-the-counter. Today the FDA announced the Plan B contraceptive will be made available to anyone 17 or older without a prescription. This is in response to a recent federal court ruling which criticized the executive branch’s […]

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