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Schmidt Agonistes – Game Change – Book Review and Blog Backwash

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Heilemann and Halperin make extensive use of anonymous sources to bolster their claim of an ultimate insider perspective with unique insights into the historic 2008 campaign. It is clear that the book was anonymously sourced primarily by the operatives, campaign staff, aides, and professional politicos who managed the major campaigns. While not all emerged unscathed, to the extent that any sympathetic characters are to be found in Game Change – it is these campaign operatives. Whether they deserve that treatment is another matter. To a large extent, the authors reported their stories, through their eyes, and unsurprisingly, they told stories that made themselves look good. In the process, most of the politicians, candidates, their spouses, and competing campaign staff are made to look bad. Nowhere is this more obvious or true than in the four chapters distilled into the movie. It is clear from the promotion and early reviews of Game Change The Movie that Steve Schmidt (played by Woody Harrelson) is the primary source for the four chapters of the book that the movie is based on

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Rest In Peace Elizabeth Edwards

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We all (unfortunately) knew the hell she went through the past couple years while battling incurable cancer. The reason I don’t link to that nonsense is out of respect. I’m sure you can understand. Personally, I’m glad her suffering is over, even though I’m so sorry that her children have lost their mother. That’s certainly […]

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Can We Ever Trust John Edwards Again?

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My answer? Ummm…no. Well, at least with anything political. I’d trust him to borrow a garden hose, but that’s about it. Because if even one tenth of what’s in the new book ‘Game Change’ is true about Edwards (and his wife) it would be enough. The book paints Edwards as a reckless opportunist, an ego […]

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Joe Trippi Responds To Edwards Sabotage Story

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Remember that story yesterday which suggested that high level Edwards staffers knew about his affair and would sabotage the campaign if it looked like he was winning. Well, via Twitter, former campaign manager Joe Trippi had this to say… Complete BS — fantasyland – not true. Here’s the thing…I want to believe Trippi, but what […]

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Edwards’ Staffers Would Have Sabotaged His Campaign

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This is the stuff I love to hear because it means that one person’s bad decisions couldn’t bring down an entire movement. From ABC: I’ve talked to a lot of former Edwards staffers about this. Up until December of 2007, most on Edwards’ staff didn’t believe rumors about the affair. But by late December, early […]

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John Edwards Is Back

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Did you ever think he’d really go away? Apparently he’ll be speaking at Indiana University about the results of the election. My question: why? I mean, does anybody really care what John Edwards’ thinks about the Democrats winning? Especially Democrats? All he’s doing is giving the right wing more cannon fodder. One bit of good […]

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The Clinton Campaign Memos

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You can find them here. I’m not going to have time to wade through all of them, but Ambinder has taken a look and shares some of what’s contained within this treasure trove… ** The battle for strategic supremacy and chaos in the campaign ** Mark Penn and the rest of the staff debating gender, […]

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Edwards Cost Clinton the Nomination?

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Hillary Clinton’s former communication director, Howard Wolfson, is claiming that the media’s failure to uncover/disclose John Edwards’ affair cost Clinton the nomination. In Wolfson’s thinking, if Edwards had dropped out before Iowa, Clinton would have won that state and then cruised to the nomination. Man, those Clinton supporters are bitter, aren’t they? Obama put up […]

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John Edwards Condemned Clinton’s Affair in 1999

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When it rains, it pours… Edwards had cast himself in his political career as an exemplar of a moral life and a good marriage, and he was a harsh critic of former President Bill Clinton for his Oval Office affair. “I think this president has shown a remarkable disrespect for his office, for the moral […]

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John Edwards’ Official Statement On 2006 Infidelity

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As the title states, he’s claiming it happened in 2006, so one could argue it wasn’t as sleazy since it wasn’t during the campaign season or while Elizabeth had cancer. Still, why was this woman hired to work on his primary campaign? In any event, I think it’s curtains for his political career. In 2006, […]

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