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Mitt Romney, And The Wealth Of A Statesman (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Ethics, In The News, Romney, Taxes

As the primaries drag on, and the candidates make their cases for Nationwide hot button issues that effect their voter sway, a lot of us focus on the financial crisis that stares down on America. Mitt Romney, for example, has a tax plan that so clearly favors the rich, and from that stems the curiousity […]

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Honest Graft, Dishonest Graft, Pelosi, Boehner, and the STOCK Act

By mw | Related entries in Boehner, Congress, Ethics, Pelosi, Stocks

In a recent feature story on 60 Minutes, Steve Kroft detailed how many in Congress use their privileged access to information on pending legislation, investigations and regulations to line their own pockets. Much of the piece was based on research of Hoover Institute fellow Peter Schweizer from his book “Throw Them All Out”. Among the surprising revelations in the book – Congress is exempt from prosecution for the same kind of insider trading that would send the rest of us to jail.

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Criminology and White Collar Crime: When Rich White Guys Get Greedy

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Business, Ethics, Pictures

White-collar crime is quite an incredible industry – millions of dollars disappear each year to offshore bank accounts, hookers, drugs, and yachts because rich executives (generally rich white guys) aren’t satisfied with their Porsches. White-collar crime finally got some serious attention when corruption single-handedly destroyed the lives of four thousand Enron employees at the start […]

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Tom Ridge Admits Bush Administration Politicized Terror Alert

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, Ethics, History, Homeland Security, Republicans

Our first head of the Department of Homeland Security has written a tell all and it’s more of the same we’ve heard from insiders about the former administration. They politicized nearly everything and made the wrong decision and nearly every turn. From US News: Among the headlines promoted by publisher Thomas Dunne Books: Ridge was […]

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The Audacity of Axelrod

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f there is one lesson that any close political adviser to a sitting president should have learned by now, it is this: It is not necessarily actual conflict of interest or impropriety that bites you in the ass. It is the appearance of conflict of interest and impropriety that is political poison. Axelrod is a very smart guy. He knows how to cover his tracks. He knows how to walk the line. That is why it is so surprising that he still chooses to walk so very very close to the ethical edge.

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Could Goldman Sachs Data Theft Scandal Kill Flash Trading?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ethics, Money

Early this month, Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge reported on the case of Sergey Aleynikov (pictured above), a former employee of Goldman Sachs who allegedly stole the code that runs their automated high frequency trading software. Well, this could have been the catalyst for the recent focus on high frequency trading and may ultimately lead […]

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Bernie’s Big House

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Obama Answers Blagojevich Questions

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Ethics, Illinois, Law

Maybe not all of the 7 that Doug proposed, but enough to make me comfortable that we’ll be getting a lot more information about his staff’s contact with the Illinois Governor’s office. Ambinder has more… In a press conference today, President-elect Barack Obama said that he’s “absolutely certain” that no one in his campaign had […]

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Hardball Talks Blagojevich

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Here’s the short version: Blagojevich = Moron. Now for the long version… One interesting thing that Lynn Sweet brought up in that clip was the idea of how little Blagojevich was involved in the Obama campaign. In fact, she said she would have been laughed at if she had asked what role Blagojevich played in […]

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Did Rahm Tip Off Federal Investigators To Blagojevich?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ethics, Illinois, Law, Video

That’s the speculation at this hour… And it looks like Blagojevich was going after everybody for money, even Warren Buffett… In a November 11th conversation with John Harris, his Chief of Staff, Blagojevich said he could start a 501(c)(4) political organization to extract money from the billionaire Sage of Omaha, whom the governor called Obama’s […]

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