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Obama embraces the Bush/Cheney unitary executive

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It is not too early to checkpoint how President Obama is progressing on “undoing the damage” of the Bush/Cheney Imperial Presidency. The most egregious offenses of the Bush/Cheney administration fall under the umbrella of expanding executive branch power at the expense of the legislative and judicial branches, with a commensurate erosion of constitutional protections. On balance – So far… all is not so good.

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(Video) James Risen Talks Exec. Power of Bush/Obama

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This is Lagan from ANP, We sat down with James Risen, the New York Times national security corespondent who broke the domestic wiretapping stories, to talk about the dilemmas Obama faces with the unparalleled executive power he will inherit. Dick Cheney recently said that Obama would appreciate all of the power they are handing over, […]

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Barack buying the election?

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At some point, we have to step back and try to grasp the sheer enormity of what Axelrod and Obama have wrought. We can just look at it and admire it as a spectacle, as a force of nature, much like staring at Niagara Falls, Mount Everest or the Grand Canyon. The Axelrod/Obama campaign has spent as much selling the Barack Obama brand as McDonald’s spends selling hamburgers. Obama is spending $293,000/hour to win the Presidency.

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“A black mark, not only on Democrats, but on the Congress, and the history of the United States.”

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How are you feeling this morning? I’m not feeling great. I am a little unhappy about the news. You might not have noticed, as this was only the third most important story yesterday. Based on television news coverage, the most important political story yesterday was Rev. Jesse Jackson caught making crude remarks about Obama on […]

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