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Senate Should Strip Stimulus of Excesses

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Congress, Economic recovery, Economy, Fiscal stimulus, Senate

A spending bill as enormous as the current stimulus package is going to include its fair share of expenditures that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy. Our representatives can’t help themselves. They’ll use any spending bill as an excuse to fund pet projects. The AP details some of the non-stimulus related projects lurking […]

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“Stimulus plan” still needs more stimulus

By John Burke | Related entries in Economic recovery, Fiscal stimulus, House, Obama, Senate

I strongly support a massive fiscal stimulus to restore an atmosphere of confidence, avert a continued, severe downward spiral, and give the economy a big enough jolt to jump start a recovery. But the $819 billion plan (really a $1.2 trillion plan including interest on the debt) adopted by the House of Representatives yesterday isn’t it. A […]

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