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Marco Rubio’s 2012 GOP Convention Speech

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He did a fantastic job. This guy has a shot at 2016 if Romney loses. And if he doesn’t get the nod at that time, he has a long future ahead of him. Watch… Tweet

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Former Florida Gov Charlie Crist Endorses Obama, Lambasts GOP

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Crist was rumored to be on the GOP Veep short list in 2008, but McCain ultimately went with Palin. Then he wanted the GOP Senate seat in Florida, but lost to Marco Rubio when he ran as an Independent when Rubio showed too much juice as a Tea Party candidate. The big knock against Crist […]

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Could Paul Ryan Hurt Romney In Florida?

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Add this to the list of reasons why I don’t understand Romney picked Ryan. Romney needs Florida or it’s over for him. And he has built up a lot of good will between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio’s influence down there. But Paul Ryan wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system. And Floridians aren’t […]

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Florida Preview: Mitt Walks Away With It

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According to FiveThirtyEight, looks like Mitt is certain to win in Florida tonight… The support for Gingrich had the floor drop out of it for two reasons. First, Romney has been outspending like crazy has gone gone incredibly negative. Second, Romney was better at the last debate. Had their been an additional debate scheduled, Newt […]

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Public Policy Polling: Gingrich Up 5 In Florida

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Looks like Newt is leading in most early polls before the debate and PPP had Newt up by 6 a day before the South Carolina primary, where he won by more than twice that. The numbers… Gingrich has gained 12 points since a PPP poll conducted in Florida a week ago. Romney has dropped 8 […]

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Another Poll Shows Gingrich Ahead By 8 In Florida

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InsiderAdvantage shows very similar numbers to the Rasmussen poll we posted earlier, although Ron Paul pulls a lot more support in this one. Gingrich – 34% Romney – 26% Paul – 13% Santorum: 11% Other – 2% Undecided – 14% Could the tide be turning in Newt’s favor? It certainly seems so. In fact, look […]

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Florida Shock Poll: Gingrich 41%, Romney 32%

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Rasmussen has the numbers… Less than two weeks ago, Mitt Romney had a 22-point lead in Florida, but that’s ancient history in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Following his big win in South Carolina on Saturday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich now is on top in Florida by nine. The latest Rasmussen Reports […]

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Marco Rubio & Rand Paul Win Senate Seats. O’Donnell Loses

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So far the Tea Party candidates are 2 for 3 when it comes to the Senate. To me, Rubio’s win is much more important to the Tea Party than Paul’s. Especially since Rubio is so young, from a very populous state and is much smarter than Paul. Keep your eye on him. Christine O’Donnell, yeah, […]

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Florida Sex Offenders Forced To Live Under A Bridge?

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You may have heard about this before, and one Florida lawmaker is finally doing something about it. Yes, I realize these laws are meant to prevent repeat offenses, but either up the penalties for those offenses or just leave them be. Once somebody gets out of prison, that should be it. End of story. If […]

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Florida City Requires Workers To Wear Underwear And Use Deodorant

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If you are looking for a job in Florida, there are some new requirements in the municipality of Brooksville. City workers are required to use deodorant before coming to work. It does not appear there will be any spot checks, though. You should also make sure that you wear underwear. Not wearing undies will get […]

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