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Airstrikes on Libya Break Obama Campaign Promise?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, France, Libya, Obama, Oil

I agree with the strikes on Libya because they’ll pave the way for a no-fly zone…and that will cut down on Gaddafi’s ability to do a lot of damage quickly. And I would agree with air strikes on Sudan who are doing awful things. Let’s remember, many Dems were for hitting Afghanistan hard in 2001 […]

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Bush Used Bible To Convince Chirac On Iraq?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Foreign Policy, France, History, Iraq, Religion

Doug points this one out, and if true, well, no wonder France took a pass on backing us in Iraq. French journalist Jean-Claude Maurice recounts the tale in his book release in March, Si Vous le Répétez, Je Démentirai (If You Repeat it, I Will Deny). From Secular Humanism: President George W. Bush told French […]

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