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Now You Can Watch My Film, “We Will Make You Whole Again”

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Over the past two years I wrote, produced and directed a film called “We Will Make You Whole Again” with my co-director, editor and cinematographer Trevor Hawkins of Mammoth Media. Some of you know this because a couple months back I shared the trailer for the film and told you a little bit about what […]

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Gallup: Dems Hold 14 Point Party ID Lead Among Women

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Also, they don’t even hold an advantage among men any more. The numbers… I can’t remember when the split was this large, and Gallup’s numbers from the past 9 years bears that out… And here’s the graph for men… Remember, McCain lost by 9.5 million votes and Obama became the first Democratic nominee to garner […]

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Afghan Women Protest Disgusting New Laws

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Since I covered the Tea Parties today, I figured I should also cover a protest that’s much more in the spirit of what the Boston Tea Party stood for. From NY Times: KABUL, Afghanistan — The young women stepped off the bus and moved toward the protest march just beginning on the other side of […]

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Women To Benefit More From Obama’s Stimulus?

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I found this interesting nugget in Obama’s economic proposal… Summing across industries suggests that the total number of created jobs likely to go to women is roughly 42% of the jobs created by the package. Given that so far in the recession women have accounted for roughly 20% of the decline in payroll employment, this […]

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The Girl Effect

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A powerful message about women in developing worlds… Just something to think about on this day when we celebrate family, friends and abundance. More here. Tweet

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CitizenSugar Guest Blogs on Donklephant!

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Need a woman’s point-of-view this election season? How about two? CitizenSugar provides readers with an entertaining look at breaking news, politics, and the most hotly debated issues. Featuring summaries of the day’s headlines, profiles of newsmakers and the people behind their success, discussions of the issues that matter most to women, and a regular look […]

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Campbell Brown Calls Palin’s Treatment By McCain Sexist?

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Well… This “sexist” term is being thrown around a lot these days, isn’t it? But is it accurate? Well, I guess that depends on how Palin feels about it. First, here’s Campbell Brown’s rant on Palin’s press shyness… Hey, who knows…maybe Palin doesn’t want to talk to the press, right? Maybe she wants to be […]

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Obama’s VP Likely To Be A Man

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Why? Well, as Ambinder notes, after months of Obama saying “he or she” in response to Veep questions, the candidate says “he” very specifically throughout the following answer. From CBS: Let me tell you first what I won’t do. I won’t hand over my energy policy to my vice president, without knowing necessarily what he’s […]

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McCain’s “Fan Club” Ad Crosses A Dangerous Line

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Not only has McCain’s latest celebrity attack ad gotten goofier, it’s also starting to reveal the particularly distasteful “white women like the black guy” tactic that Republicans have used in the past to scare voters away from African American candidates. First, let me once again point out that McCain is just plain lying that Obama […]

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SurveyUSA: Obama Leads By 4 In Iowa

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Obama – 49% McCain – 45% Another key swing state poll shows it up for grabs. Here are some gender breakdowns… Gender – Male McCain – 56% Obama – 39% Gender – Female Obama – 59% McCain – 34% As we can see, Obama and McCain are taking women and men by fairly large margins, […]

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