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Rasmussen: Obama Leads McCain By 6

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Obama – 50% McCain – 44% Obama picks up 1 today and maintains a pretty consistent lead for the past 5 days, as well as hovering right around 50%. The 5 day: 06/12/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 50% 06/11/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 49% 06/10/2008: McCain – 43%, Obama – 50% 06/09/2008: McCain […]

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Obama Leads McCain By 13% Among Women

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More evidence that the Dem base is starting to solidify? (NOTE: Graphs fixed. Sorry for any confusion.) Gallup provides additional perspective when you compare this to Hillary’s head-to-head numbers before she dropped out… While campaigning for president, Clinton demonstrated an especially strong appeal to women. She led McCain by 52% to 40% in her final […]

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Watch Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech Live

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Courtesy of MSNBC. Okay, the feed is down now, so a couple thoughts… This was probably one of the better speeches she has given on the campaign trail, and she certainly hammered home the importance of not switching over to McCain. You could definitely hear the boo-birds when she first started saying his name, but […]

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McCain To Make Strong Push For Clinton Voters

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No doubt he’ll get some of them, but will Clinton voters be jaded enough to vote for McCain instead of a Democrat in the fall? From Politico: John McCain portrayed her as a trailblazing model for aspring female politicians yesterday and now one of his top surrogates and vice-presidential prospects is taking the next natural […]

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Obama’s Stock Drops Among White Women

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Gee…I wonder why… The Pew polls states specifically that Obama’s problems have more to do with personal reasons than politics, and in recent weeks Hillary has made this campaign ALL about how she’s getting cheated because of sexism in the media, etc. So who else are these white women going to point their finger at? […]

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Shotgun Wedding

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Was Hillary’s gender really the cause for her downfall?

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Over at repptide, we’ve been taking the pulse of public opinion on a number of political issues. So when Hillary Clinton started making claims that it was sexism that was to blame for her campaign’s second-place showing, we wanted to see if she was right or if there were other factors that could have explained […]

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Can Obama Win Clinton’s Female Supporters?

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Gender, Hillary

Kirsten Powers of the New York Posts wonders if Barack Obama can win Hillary Clinton’s female supporters who feel wronged by the events of the primary. She points out numerous cases of both overt and tempered sexism and notes one group, “Clinton Supporters Count Too”(some info here), is threatening not to vote if Obama is […]

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Gallup: Women 50+ Are Only Demo Still Supporting Clinton

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Obama wins every single other demographic, except the age and gender group Hillary belongs to herself. That’s telling in and of itself. Here are the numbers… The details… The only major demographic group still supporting Clinton to the tune of 51% or more is women aged 50 and older. This group’s preferences have changed little […]

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Age Bigger Factor Than Race or Gender

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Gender, Race

Well, this is interesting: The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows 72% of those surveyed say voters are ready to elect a qualified black candidate, 18% say they’re not. Meanwhile, 71% say Americans are ready to vote for a woman, 20% say they’re not. But only 61% say the voters are prepared to vote for […]

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