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Super Tuesday Results – Romney Wins 6, Santorum Wins 3, Newt Wins 1

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Let’s run down the numbers… Georgia – 76 delegates Gingrich – 42 Romney – 13 Santorum – 2 Ohio – 66 Romney – 35 Santorum – 21 Tennessee – 58 Santorum – 25 Romney – 10 Gingrich – 8 Virginia – 43 Romney – 43 Oklahoma – 43 Santorum – 14 Romney – 13 Gingrich […]

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VP Biden Visits Ukraine and Georgia

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Some people say “a vice president is just a vice president,” that a visit from a #2 isn’t all that big a deal. However, it seems that Vice President Biden’s current trip has important meanings for all involved. While it may not be as big a deal as a visit from Obama himself, sending the […]

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Saxby Chambliss Wins Georgia Senate Runoff

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The Democrat’s dream of a supermajority is dead, at least until 2010. Also, Saxby Chambliss has the world’s biggest left hand. From CNN: Chambliss, a freshman Republican senator, was projected to win more than 50 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s rematch against Democrat Jim Martin. The election is playing off the results of November […]

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Former Ambassador Says Georgia Started Russia/Georgia Conflict

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Keep in mind that the following is coming from a critic of the Georgian administration, but he was an insider and he also went before his own government to give his assessment of the situation. From BBC: Erosi Kitsmarishvili, a former envoy to Russia, was testifying at a parliamentary commission hearing into the war the […]

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McCain Wins Alabama and Georgia

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No surprises here, although Georgia was seen as a possible landslide indicator for Obama. Georgia has 15 electoral votes. Alabama has 9. Tweet

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Early Voting Reality In Georgia

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This from FiveThirtyEight… If there is one shocker on election night in the presidential race, cast your eyes to Georgia. 1,994,990 people voted early in Georgia. 3,301,875 total voted in Georgia’s presidential race in 2004. We may be headed for something completely unexpected tonight. Tweet

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Watch Georgia On Tuesday

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More trend lines from, and it looks like McCain will be able to hold onto this state barely. Here’s Chuck Todd’s take… Has this state really slipped into the toss-up category? Possibly. A few years ago, I asked a smart Democratic demographer which states could become competitive if the party could maximize voter registration […]

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TIME/CNN: McCain, Obama Split Battlegrounds

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The big news here is that Colorado is really starting to turn blue, and nearly every news organization has changed it to lean Obama. Because while wins in Georgia and Missouri would be nice, Obama doesn’t need them. But he does need wins in Colorado, Virginia and Nevada if he doesn’t want to worry about […]

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MSNBC Profiles Bob Barr

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Is Barr this year’s Nader? Probably not because this doesn’t appear to be a close call. However, he could definitely siphon off crucial votes in New Hampshire and Georgia. So, will Barr help bring about an Obama landslide? Tweet

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Georgia: McCain Leads By 6

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Mason/Dixon McCain – 49% Obama – 43% It’s pretty astonishing that Georgia is even in leaners column at this point. This state hasn’t gone blue since 1976. And with early voting seemingly favoring Dems, McCain has a fight on his hands that he most likely never anticipated. In fact, a recent poll showed Obama with […]

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