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Gustav Headed Towards Category 5

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in FEMA, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, In The News

Forecasters are now predicting that Hurricane Gustav will become a category five storm sometime soon. As you all undoubtedly know, Gustav is the first major hurricane to threaten the Gulf Coast since Katrina and Rita in 2005. The question now is: have we learned anything? Evacuation plans are in effect for New Orleans and other […]

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Inflation Soars

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita was a big reason the wholesale prices jumped by 1.9 percent. That may not seem like much, but consider that in September gasoline prices were up 17.9%, the highest one-month increase in 25 years. Along with that, food prices had their highest increase in 11 months. Here’s more from the AP: […]

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Wash Times Turns On Bush…Over Katrina

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita

It’s not often the right-wing newspaper turns on Bush, but it’s slowly turning against him. Diana West laments: Let’s take a look at this portrait of presidential leadership, as painted by the Associated Press: “Sitting in [the USS Iwo Jima] mess hall, the president watched large screens beaming to him via videoconference the images of […]

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Bus Catches On Fire Before Rita Arrives…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Rita

The bus were carrying elderly passengers. Sad indeed… A bus carrying about 45 elderly evacuees burst into flames on Interstate 45 south of Dallas, killing as many as 24 people. It pulled over and people were getting off when a series of explosions ripped through the bus, said Dallas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Don Peritz. Peritz […]

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Looters In Houston…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Rita

Will they ever learn? Well I just found out why the media was in my parking garage. Looters struck last night and trashed 12 cars. We usually have very tight security but the gates were left open by management due to fears of power outages. I need to go check my car now. Update: My […]

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Houston Flees Hurricane Rita

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Rita

I sincerely hoped I would never have to create a new category about a hurricane, but it seems like Hurricane Rita begs it. Millions are leaving Houston in anticipation of the third most powerful hurricane on record. Sixteen hours to San Antonio and Dallas. Eleven hours to Austin. With over a million people trying to […]

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