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Are You An EcoDriver?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Ideas, Money, Technology, Video

Yes, you can actually do a lot right now to get better gas mileage and help drive down costs, like proper tire inflation, etc. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping out a new website called EcoDrivingUSA that promises to give you tips and tricks to help your wallet and the planet. Hmm, sounds familiar… Tweet

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Would A One Term Presidency Work?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ideas, McCain, Republicans

Times Online talks up the rumor that McCain would make the pledge, so let’s discuss it. Personally, I’m not in favor of a one term pledge because, as even McCain himself has stated, you’re a lame duck the moment you entire office. The opposing party could easily ignore your agenda, and with so many long […]

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Ron Paul’s Car Trade-In Tax Credit Plan Promotes Fuel Efficiency

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Gas, Ideas, Legislation, McCain, Oil, Ron Paul

I love this idea…and I would certainly take advantage of it if it becomes law. The bill is called “The Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Automobile Tax Credit Act of 2008″ and it provides tax credits of up to $2K for people who sell or trade in their car for a model that’s 20% more […]

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Mr. Sullivan, May I show you to your petard?

By mw | Related entries in Barack, Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Ideas, Smart Things Said By Smart People, WTF?

In the event my title is a bit too obscure, pictured above is Mr. Andrew Sullivan lighting his petard, shortly before he is about to be hoisted by same. This definition may help: pe·tard n. 1. A small bell-shaped bomb used to breach a gate or wall. Word History: The French used pétard, “a loud […]

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Carnival of Divided Government – Edition 23

By mw | Related entries in Blogging, Ideas, Independents, Libertarian

The Carnival of Divided Government is a monthly compilation of writing from around the blogosphere and main stream media on the single topic of government divided between the major parties. The carnival offers links, excerpts and commentary from and about writers both pro and con, who are thinking and writing about the topic.

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Big Government is Back in Style

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Conservatism, General Politics, Ideas, Liberalism

Not so long ago, “Big Government” was so out of favor that Democratic President Bill Clinton announced its era had come to an end. A decade later and it seems there’s no end in sight to the swelling of our federal government. The Republicans proved themselves greedy and incompetent and did little to rein in […]

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Canada To Pay Citizens To Get Rid Of Gas Guzzlers?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Canada, Energy, Environment, Gas, Ideas, Money, Oil, The World

And this idea comes from no less than the Conservative government… Canadians will be offered bicycles, public transit passes or cash if they agree to scrap their old gas-guzzling vehicles, the government said on Wednesday. Ottawa says five million of the 18 million cars and trucks in Canada were made before 1996, when tougher emissions […]

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New Republican Primary Structure: The Ohio Plan

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, Ideas, Ohio, Republicans

CQ has an interesting story… The 14 smallest states and six U.S. territories “pod” would always vote first, but no earlier than the third week of February in presidential election years. The other three pods — comprising nine, 16 and seven states — would rotate their voting positions every four years. The ordering of the […]

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Algae As Biofuel

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Ideas, Science, The World

Very interesting development that could help address the big bio-fuel scam we’re currently being sold. From CNN: ANTHONY, Texas (CNN) — Texas may be best known for “Big Oil.” But the oil that could some day make a dent in the country’s use of fossil fuels is small. Microscopic, in fact: algae. Literally and figuratively, […]

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Change Congress Launches

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Congress, General Politics, Ideas, Technology

Larry Lessig and Joe Trippi announced this Thursday what Change Congress will be. Here’s more from Wired… The professor wants legislators to promise to do four things which he says will reduce the influence of money on policymaking: To promise not to accept money from lobbyists and political action committees; support public financing of elections; […]

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