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Another Legal Win for Independent Voters in California: Court of Appeals Says No to Proposition 14 Opponents

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California Court of Appeals says no to Proposition 14 opponents, which is good news for independent voters. From CAIVN: “The Court rejected the CSEA language, preserved the lower court’s language, and ordered the restoration of the Legislative Analyst’s prediction of cost savings associated with the measure.” And open primaries gaining support in Pennsylvania and Illinois. […]

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Chris Matthews Vs. Roland Burris Deathmatch

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Illinois, Media, Senate, Video

Burris went on Hardball tonight and Matthews took him to task for the latest revelation that he talked to Blago’s brother about raising money for the then Governor. It’s must see stuff… So sounds bad, right? But nothing will come of it. Here’s why… Technically, Burris never did raise any money for Blago, and talking […]

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$5 Million For Blagojevich If Jackson Appointed?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Illinois, Law, Money, Senate

That’s the word out today and it sounds fairly damning for Jackson because how would folks come to Blago and promise this if it wasn’t backed up by Jesse Jr.? From Chicago Sun Times: Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s camp was told last year that U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) would raise up to $5 […]

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Sears Tower Renamed Willis Tower After London Firm

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Crazy, History, Illinois

WTF? Obviously I don’t take part in jingoistic, populism often, but this just strikes me as just plain unamerican. From NY Times: In a sentimental gesture from a no-nonsense kind of guy, Jory Spears lifted his camera phone on Friday in a somber salute to this city’s beloved Sears Tower. “The Sears Tower has some […]

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On Roland Burris

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It’s pretty simple. He lied and he should resign. The end. Tweet

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“Blagojemess” update: Why Roland Burris is in like Flynn

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Burris, Illinois, Obama, Reid, Senate

Roland “I am the Senator” Burris Today, the Illinois House of Representatives voted 114-1 to impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich.  Meanwhile, the state’s Supreme Court declined to order Secretary of State, Jesse White, to sign the certificate by which appointed Roland Burris to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, but also ruled that the appointment document was […]

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Are appointments of Senators unconstitutional?

By John Burke | Related entries in Constitution, Illinois, Senate

Thomas Geoghegan, a well-known liberal lawyer who is running for Congress in Illinois, had an op-ed piece in the The New York Times yesterday that raised a question I must admit I hadn’t known even was a question: are appointments by governors to fill Senate vacancies unconstitutional? The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adopted in […]

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“No Burris, no way, no how! (Never mind)”

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Burris, Democrats, Illinois, Reid, Senate

Durbin, Burris and Reid enjoy a chuckle together Wow, that was fast! One minute Harry Reid and Dick Durbin are vowing never to seat anyone appointed to the Senate by Hot Rod Blagojevich and turning the appointee away in the rain. The next, we’re all chums (“Rod who?”). After several days in which only attacks […]

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Burris shows he’s tough enough to be a successful candidate in 2010

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Roland “I am the Senator” Burris after Senate turned him away I’m starting to like this Burris guy. OK, so he’s Rod Blagojevich’s personal choice to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat, which is a very, very bad way to start a Senate career.  Still, he’s showing himself to be smart, cool, dignified, and capable of […]

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Roland Burris Rejected By Senate

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Democrats, Illinois, Senate

I’m still not sure why this guy is trying to force his way into the Senate on the back of Blago, but he had to see this one coming. From CNN: Robert Baxter says Erickson rejected Burris’ appointment because it does not conform with Rule 2 of the Standing rules of the Senate, which specifically […]

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