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Reid to Burris on Blagojemess: Maybe we can talk

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Burris, Illinois, Senate

Harry Reid and Could-Be Senator Roland Burris As Rod “I am the Governor” Blagojevich’s pick to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, Roland Burris, vowed to fight for the office, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Democratic Whip Dick Durbin went on Sunday talk shows and declared again that they have the authority to refuse to […]

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A Piddling Little Question

By Brad Porter | Related entries in Biden, Blagojevich, Caroline Kennedy, Colorado, Congress, Delaware, Illinois, New York

Four Senate vacancies. In one, literally a staffer is appointed to keep the seat warm for the Senator’s son. In another, it’s an ongoing battle of which high-profile election surrogate to reward for their loyalty. In the third, the trumping consideration was apparently in favor of the guy most connected to big money, at the expense of qualifications or experience. And in the fourth, the guy nominated was an unimpeachable public servant undeniably qualified for the job.

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Blagojemess: a wider, deeper investigation?

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Fitzgerald, Illinois

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald In asking a court to give him a 90-day extension of time to present an indictment of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Blago’s now ex-chief of staff, John Harris, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald revealed some details that may point to a much wider and deeper probe of corruption in Illinois politics. […]

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Rep. Bobby Rush backs Blago Senate pick: “Don’t lynch the appointee”

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Democrats, Illinois, News, Senate

Blago with Roland Burris (center) and Rep. Bobby Rush (right) At today’s presser, the Blagovernor announced his choice of former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, and then Rep. Bobby Rush gave Burris a big thumbs up. The Rush endorsement was, I think, the most important news.  Rush (the guy to whom […]

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Blagojemess update: Blago tells adversaries to $@!&% off!

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Illinois, Obama, Senate

Soon-to-be Senator Roland Burris? Rod “I am the Governor” Blagojevich is calling every one’s bluff.  Blago is set later today to appoint former Illinois Attorney General and Comptroller Roland Burris to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat. Back on December 9, I made the obvious point that the only “absolutely certain” way to prevent Blago from […]

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Blago on Balgojemess: “Hell no, I won’t go”

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Illinois, Obama, Politics, Senate

In case you missed the Blagovernor’s presser today, check it out. Out went the Elvis impersonation and the whole black leather jacket-KGB look. Blago showed up in his most elegant dark suit with spiffy power tie, and quoting Kipling poetry (no less) declared that he’s gonna fight, fight, and then fight some more “to my […]

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“Blagojemess” gets even messier

By John Burke | Related entries in Blagojevich, Illinois, News, Senate

“Hell no, I won’t go” was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s answer to calls by Barack Obama, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin, the Illinois State Legislature, various Madigans, and almost everyone else who lives in Illinois that he resign. Instead, Blago hired a hot-shot criminal lawyer who told the legislators convening in Springfield to […]

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Aided Blagojevich Inquiry

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Illinois, Law, Senate, Video

Not the current one, but he definitely had a hand in getting the spotlight directed at the Governor. MSNBC has more… So the idea that he would have gone to Blagojevich for a pay to play type scheme this time around is a bit far fetched, don’t you think? More as it develops. Tweet

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Obama Was Unprepared for Media Focus on Blago

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Illinois, Media

At the New York Post, Kirsten Powers notes that the Barack Obama team has bungled the media management of the Rod Blagojevich scandal. The Obama camp has managed to violate almost every tenet of crisis communications – starting with Rule No. 1: Get all the information out quickly, accurately and fully. It’s imperative that reporters […]

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The Chicago Way — The American Way?

By John Burke | Related entries in Democrats, General Politics, Illinois, In The News, News

  Former Illinois Governor George H. Ryan (above) is the Republican who preceded Democrat Rod Blagojevich in the Springfield state house and may soon be joined by Blagojevich at the nearest Federal Big House.  Ryan, who served one term as Governor from 1999 to 2003, was convicted in 2006 for his role in the widespread […]

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