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Bi-Partisan Senate Committee Paves Way For Immigration Reform

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bipartisan, Democrats, Immigration, Republicans

Looks like we have movement on immigration reform a lot sooner than many anticipated. And wouldn’t you know it, Rubio is front and center. From Fox News: Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., one of the eight senators, called the new proposal a “major breakthrough” and said he hopes to turn it into legislation by March — […]

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Obama Ceases Deportation For Younger, Responsible Illegal Immigrants

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Immigration, Obama

The interesting part of all this isn’t the timing or the idea. Yes, it’s the right thing to do. Yes, it’s politically timed. Blah, blah, blah. Boring. The interesting part about this is he did this on his own. No bills, no debate. The below simply won’t happen anymore…at least if Obama gets reelected. From […]

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Now You Can Watch My Film, “We Will Make You Whole Again”

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Art, Film, Gender, Immigration, Race, Sexuality, Technology, The Politics Of Film, The War On Terrorism

Over the past two years I wrote, produced and directed a film called “We Will Make You Whole Again” with my co-director, editor and cinematographer Trevor Hawkins of Mammoth Media. Some of you know this because a couple months back I shared the trailer for the film and told you a little bit about what […]

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Americans’ Views, They Are A Changin’

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cuba, Environment, Guns and Ammo, Immigration, Marriage, Religion, Sexuality

Take a look at the following at see how many of these you agree with. From ABC: Support for gay marriage, legalizing illegal immigrants and decriminalizing marijuana all are at new highs. Three-quarters of Americans favor federal regulation of greenhouse gases. Two-thirds support establishing relations with Cuba. But hold tight. If some views that may […]

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Geraldo Rivera Talks Protest Comparisons

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Immigration, Media, Video

Can he get away with commentary like this? Let’s hope so… Listen, I’ve never been a fan of Rivera’s, but he brings up an important basis of comparison when talking about Tea Parties and media coverage. Basically, Fox News is “wondering” why other news orgs didn’t cover the Tea Parties as much as they did, […]

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Did You Know About Mexico?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Immigration, Mexico

With Obama visiting Mexico today, I thought it would be topical to share some pretty shocking stats/facts about the country. GlobalPost has 10 factoids and here are the first 3… A recent U.S. government report suggests that “Two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico.” Mexico has […]

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A Just And Good Final Act

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, Immigration, Law

If you know anything about the case of former border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, you’ll know that Bush’s commutation of the remaining amount of their sentence is justice being served. And let’s face it, if Scooter Libby got his sentence commuted, these guys should too. First, the backstory… Ramos and Compean were sentenced […]

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Broken English

By donar | Related entries in Cartoons, Immigration, Political Graffiti

I was inspired by this NY times post… Tweet

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What the Immigration Issue Says About the Modern GOP

By Mark Thompson | Related entries in Conservatism, General Politics, Immigration, Partisan Hacks, Republicans

Alex Massie, right again: Now it’s true that immigration reform is a tough subject for conservatives. True too, that when it comes to immigration there are some many on the restrictionist wing who consider Bush to be either a) a sentimentalist or b) corporate America’s pawn or c) both of the above. Equally, the orthodox […]

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The 2008 Preliminary Democratic Platform Offers Hope for Public Education

By Tom Hanson | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Democrats, Education, Immigration

On Thursday, Democratic platform committee members were provided a draft of the Democratic National Committee’s 2008 platform. Titled “Renewing America’s Promise” and broken out into four distinct sections, “Renewing the American Dream,” “Renewing American Leadership,” “Renewing the American Community,” and “Renewing American Democracy,” the platform is a strong counter to the current Bush administration policies […]

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