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Coffee Party not for Indepedents and Moderates

By Solomon Kleinsmith | Related entries in Bipartisan, General Politics, Independents, Partisan Nonsense, Politics, tea party

For some people, the development of the new Coffee Party USA organization seemed like a godsend in response to the more extreme elements in the Tea Party movement. At first I thought that this could be the grassroots movement I’d been waiting for – one that actually included moderates independents, and actively worked across ideological […]

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California’s Proposition 14: Open Primaries, Open Vote

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Independents, Legislation, Video, Voting

Heard about this? Well, you will. Basically, open primaries are where the top two vote getters move on to the general, with the hopeful net result being that Dems and Repubs wouldn’t have to appeal to the more extreme elements of their party to get to the big show. Here’s more… So, no more party […]

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Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More For Economic Troubles

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Business, Democrats, Economic crisis, Economic recovery, Economy, Independents, Obama, Polls, Republicans

The gap has shrunk a bit, but the economy is turning around so in a year’s time it’s unlikely we’ll have the problems we’re having today. Basically, the question will then be… “Who is responsible for the economic growth in this country?” Gallup has more on that… Obama has stated that he “inherited the most […]

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Gallup: Who Likes Health Care, Who Doesn’t?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Health Care, Independents, Polls, Republicans

If you dig into the demographics of approval/disapproval on the health care question, some interesting trends emerge… As expected, those who have health care don’t like reform. Because it won’t mean much for them and Dems haven’t made a compelling case that it will drive down their premiums. Well, not yet anyway. However, those who […]

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CA Proposition 14: Democracy without Independent Voters is Like Taxation Without Representation

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in Independents, News, Open Primaries, Politics

Latest and greatest news and views about California’s open primary initiative, Proposition 14, on the ballot June 8. Partisans showed their true colors last week with back-room deals and litigation on the ballot wording. Prominent independent attorney Harry Kresky’s commentary on HuffPo “Words Matter” sheds lots of light on the nature of our democracy. And […]

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Obama’s Health Care Plan: Will Labor Go Independent?

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in Health Care, Independence Party of New York, Independents, News, Obama

SEIU prez Andrew Stern is threatening to “go independent” on local races to oppose Dems who oppose Prez Obama’s healthcare reform bill. One enabling factor in New York is fusion voting, which has empowered third parties like the New York Independence Party, Conservative Party and Working Families Party. Meanwhile, former Dem La Plata County Colorado […]

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Another Legal Win for Independent Voters in California: Court of Appeals Says No to Proposition 14 Opponents

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in California, Illinois, Independents, News, Open Primaries, Pennsylvania, Politics

California Court of Appeals says no to Proposition 14 opponents, which is good news for independent voters. From CAIVN: “The Court rejected the CSEA language, preserved the lower court’s language, and ordered the restoration of the Legislative Analyst’s prediction of cost savings associated with the measure.” And open primaries gaining support in Pennsylvania and Illinois. […]

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California Proposition 14 Open Primary Ballot Language Decision Favorable to Independents

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in California, Independents, Louisiana, News, Open Primaries, Politics

More commentary this weekend on California’s Proposition 14 “top two” open primary referendum after Judge Allen Sumner’s ballot wording ruling on Friday. The ruling was seen as a win for independent voters by attorney Harry Kresky of IndependentVoting and by Californians for an Open Primary/Yes on 14… Meanwhile, state Rep. Hunter Greene, a Republican who […]

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Legal Fight over Ballot Wording For Proposition 14

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in California, Independents, Open Primaries, Politics

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner is expected to rule today on the ballot language for Prop 14. Leading independent Attorney Harry Kresky speaks out on the legal fight over the “top two” open primaries referendum: “When the California legislature voted to put Proposition 14 on the ballot this June, it crafted a summary of […]

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California’s Prop 14: The People vs. The Parties

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in California, Independents, News, Open Primaries, Politics

Independent voters in California (aka “decline to state”) vote in primaries at the whim of the party big-shots. And California Dems (including the school employees union) are playing some bad language games trying to dissuade voters from supporting Proposition 14, the “Top Two” open primary referendum on the ballot for a vote in June that […]

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